Faculty Development Programmes for St Aloysius College Staff

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Faculty Development Programmes for St Aloysius College Staff

Faculty Development Programme for all St Aloysius College staff; Orientation for Newly Recruited staff; and Orientation for BA, B CA, B Sc, B Com, B BA

Mangaluru: Programme on May 28th: St. Aloysius College had organized Faculty Development Programme for staff (UG &PG) at Sanidhya. The programme started at 9 AM with prayer by Mr. Anup Denzil Veigas and team, followed by Principal, Rev.Dr.Pravin Martis SJ, who heartily welcomed the gathering. The Rector, Rev.Fr.Dionysius Vas SJ took up the first session about essentials of Jesuit education. He briefly explained the life of Ignatius of Loyola and the pedagogy of Jesuit education. He motivated the new faculty members with his words of wisdom. The members of the staff were put into groups and various activities were conducted so that each one of the staff was familiar with our co-staff.

The second session was conducted by Dr. Alwyn D’Sa whose topic was “Teacher as a mentor an interactive professional” Dr. Alwyn himself having a vast experience guided us on how to be a guiding stone to the young minds. This session was followed by another informative session conducted by Dr. A.M. Narahari. To familiarize us with autonomous system of the college and it’s functioning. Also with his experience being a teacher for so many years he motivated all of us to take up our job with more and more enthusiasm. The last session of the day was the most important session which was regarding one of the most important topic i.e., class room management. It was conducted by Dr. Richard Gonsalves; he also transferred his skills to the newly appointed staff.

May 29th: The second day began with the prayer by Anup Denzil Veigas and team. The first session of the Day was by Fr. Principal. Rev. Dr. Praveen Martis SJ, who himself is a great inspiration to all the young minds, explained about institutional expectations. He also motivated us to become ‘great teacher who inspires’. Library is a must for a teacher and the importance of the library was explained in detail by Dr. Georg Rodrigues. He discussed about the advanced facilities such as N-list, DELNET, J-GATE. Etc

The next session was continued by Prof Precilla D’Silva on the important topic EC/CC. She spoke about how EC/CC plays an important role in the educational system. She highlighted the main concepts of all the steps involved in the EC/CC evaluation. The afternoon session was continued by Donnet D’souza, the PD of the college. He explained about the importance of sports. He practically demonstrated how fitness plays main role in the field of teaching.

Naveen Mascarenhas spoke about the requirements of IQAC. He introduced IQAC briefly and also the importance of IQAC in the college grading. The next session was immediately continued on the topic interpersonal relationship which is a must for a teacher. This interactive session was taken up by Ms Jenice Jean Goveas. She told about the student teacher relationship in the field of teaching. The last session of the day was taken up by Dr Shalini Aiyappa. She spoke about the teenage mentality and adolescent psychology to the audience.

Orientation Programme for Newly Recruited Staff on 30 and 31 May, 2018 :

The 2 days orientation programme was conducted by JESCOL team. Fr. Felix Victor SJ and Fr. Pradeep Antony SJ, were the co-ordinators of the programme and were introduced by Fr. Praveen Martis SJ, Principal, St. Aloysius College (Autonomous).

May 30 – After a short prayer, ice breaker was conducted by Fr. Felix Victor SJ. It included various games to introduce each other. The first session was conducted by Fr. Freddy D’Silva SJ. He spoke about the Jesuit Legacy- its origin,vision and mission concentrating on the life of St. Ignatius Loyola. The second session was taken by Fr.Melwyn Pinto SJ, where he discussed 25 Characteristics of Jesuit Education with suitable examples. Post lunch sessions included a talk by Fr. Dionysius Vaz SJ, on team work where he told and reflected on the story of “Hare and Tortoise”, followed by an activity. It was followed by the last session on ‘Jesuit administrative structure’ by Fr. Freddy D’Silva SJ.

31 May – After the introductory prayer by Fr. Felix Victor SJ, the first session was conducted by Fr. Freddy D’Silva SJ. He spoke on the Ignatian spirituality and the principles of Jesuit education philosophy. Several case studies and life experiences of the resource person made the session interesting. The second session was taken up by Fr. Felix Victor SJ, regarding ‘Our situation today’. It was a discussion on present political, cultural, social, religious, economic, technological and educational scenario of India. The third session was by Fr. Ivan SJ, he explained the idea of option for poor with the video of ongoing Bijapur Mission by Jesuits.

The first post lunch session was by Fr. Freddy D’Silva SJ, on Jesuit leadership. The last session for the day was conducted by Fr. Dionysius Vaz SJ, Rector, St. Aloysius Institutions. The participants were grouped during the session ans were given the task to come up with ideas to implicate the characteristics of Jesuit education during the upcoming academic year and the ideas were discussed and summarized. Fr. Felix Victor SJ, proposed the vote of thanks

Orientation for Science Faculty at Fr Robert Sequeria Hall :

01-06-2018 (First day): The morning session began with a prayer at 9 am followed by the introduction of the guest speaker Dr.Indrani Karunasagar. Guest speaker spoke on “changing perspective of the significance research”.She has pointed out the changes that the researcher has to adapt in order to do successful research. At present because of the technology, it is easy to identify whether the research work done is genuine or not? She gave caution to the researchers to select original problem to carry out research. Speaker gave good input regarding

Various funding agencies like DBT, DST, MOEF, DAE, ICMR, CSIR, UGC etc which will help financially to carry out good research work. Good information was given on how to apply for a very good research proposal so as to get funds from the funding agencies. The second session began at 11 am followed by the introduction of the speaker “Prof. Rameela Shekar”

Prof. Rameela Shekar spoke on the topic “Understanding the Millenials”. In her talk she tried to share her clinical experience to highlight the various kinds of problems associated with teenagers.(Both Boys and Girls). She warned the teachers saying the roll of teachers is very important to tackle the problems associated with teenagers. They have emotional, pshycological and age bound sexual relationship problems.She gave some tips to tackle students problems and to guide them to pick up good values and right directions in their life.

Third session began at 1.30pm after the lunch break followed by the introduction of the guest Dr. Francis Xavier. Dr. Francies Xavier spoke on the topic “How to improve your memory?”. Through his talk he conducted some practical sessions to show , how one can improve his memory power. He gave simple skills to improve the memory power. He gave printed notes showing the instructions to be followed to improve the memory power through practical sessions. The fourth session began at 3pm followed by the introduction of the speaker Rev. Fr Rector, Fr Dionysius Vas SJ. Rev. Fr Rector initially spoke about the high quality of Jesuit education institutions. He gave three concepts for self-introspection for teachers in order to reach still higher goals in St. Aloysius College.

Later Father Rector gave some comparison between the traditional learning approach and that of the natural learning approach in teaching. Father Rector divided the staff into various groups (subject wise) and gave the task to discuss and to bring some suggestions for natural learning approach in teaching. Various groups gave large number of good suggestions .Finally Father concluded the session by motivating the teaching faculty to work in a group for better achievements.

02-06-2018 (Second day): The morning session began at 9am with a prayer followed by the introduction of the guest speaker Dr. Michael Rajamathi, professor from St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru. Resource person spoke on the topic “science and life”. Through his talk he brought out very good insight to understand how the various laws of science are used in our daily life. He explained how Newton’s laws of motion, laws of thermodynamics, Entropy and Quantum Mechanics are used in our daily life experiences.

The second session began at 11am by the same resource person. In his talk using power point presentation he explained about the “ Nano Science” and applications of nano materials. He started from the basics and gave good explanation about the growth of Nano Science and Technology. He gave many important applications of nano materials in the area of drugs, LED screens, Super magnetic nano materials for site specific drug delivery etc. Finally the session ended with discussion and clarifications. In each session vote of thanks was given by predetermined staff member.

B.Com. & B BA- Day One (1/06/2018): 1st Session: The session began with the prayer led by Fr. Felix Victor from BBA dept at 9.00 AM. Ms Ashitha Pinto introduced the resource person Dr G Fancis Xavier and started with the session “ Improving Memory”. He gave us the technique and practiced the learning skills. He also told us how this technique will be useful to the students. The session ended at 10.30 Am.

2nd Session: The session led by Dr G Francis Xavier on the topic “Balance Sheet”. Sit, gave us the insight on how to understand the concept of B/S in simple terms with the help of an exercise. The session ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms Runa from the dept. of BBA.

3rd Session:The session began with introducing the resource person Dr Malikarjunappa by Mr Manoj from BBA Dept. Sir briefed us on the IFRS and also gave us few insights on Global financial crisis and the strategies adopted to overcome the issue. His talk on Credit rating in the world of investment was knowledgeable. The session ended at 2.40 with vote of thanks proposed by Mr Robin Raj from the dept. of BBA.

4th Session: The resource person Mr Aaron Dsouza was introduced by Mr Vimal John from BBA Dept. The session was interactive and was oriented towards managing stress through 5 A’s (Acknowledge, Acceptance, Attention, Approval and Abuse) The session ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr Joel Melrick Fernandes from BBA Dept.

Day Two ( 2/06/2018)-Session 1: The session began with the prayer. The resource person Rev. Fr Dionysius Vas SJ was introduced by Mrs. Jenifer from the Dept of M.com. Fr spoke on the context of change, context of education and employability, context of communal sensitivity and how the Jesuit education responds to these contexts. An activity was conducted on traditional V/s Natural learning approach to learning. The session ended with vote of thanks proposed by Ms Renita from the Dept of B.com.

Session 2: Aaron D’souza started with a practical session about finding brilliance within you, and told us about the importance of acknowledgement in life. The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Nisha from the Dept. of B Com

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