Father Muller Medical College Hospital celebrates Global Hand Washing Day

Father Muller Medical College Hospital celebrates Global Hand Washing Day

Mangaluru: Father Muller Medical College Hospital celebrated Global Hand Washing Day on 15 October 2018 at the Knowledge Centre. This was an initiative taken by the Hospital Infection Control Department (HIC) and Nursing Service Department (NSD) of FMMCH to raise awareness about the importance of making hands germ free with alcohol-based hand sanitizer as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent communicable diseases and save lives.

As a part of celebrating the hand washing day, the department had organized an exhibition ’GERM FARM-SCRUB EM’ and a series of events, from guest lecturers to live demonstrations which put a much-needed spotlight on health hygiene and the tremendous effects hand washing has on improving overall physical health.

Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, FMCI while inaugurating Global Hand Washing Day said much awareness has already been created by conducting these programmes which will benefit both the clinicians and the nurses who treat patients. It is important that the clinicians and nurses, administer medicines to their patients with complete cleanliness, and thus create an atmosphere of hygiene for the well being of the patient as well as the individual.

Later, live tutorials on appropriate hand-sanitation procedures were demonstrated.

The department had also set up informational stalls displaying various products on hand sanitation with the latest technology in use in the elimination of germs. A stall preparing DIY natural homemade sanitizer attracted onlookers to learn more about the Global Handwashing Day.

Throughout the day, dozens of people approached the stalls and interacted with the team thus creating much awareness on the importance of hand hygiene.