FIFA suspends coaches’ press conference at awards ceremony

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Zurich, Jan 11 (IANS) World football’s governing body FIFA on Monday suspended a press conference prior to the World Coach of the Year award presentation as only one among the three nominated coaches will be present at the ceremony.

Luis Enrique (Barcelona), Josep Guardiola (Bayern Munich) and Jorge Sampaoli (Chile) are the three coaches nominated for the prestigious award, reports Efe.

But only Sampaoli has travelled to Zurich to attend the awards ceremony.

Enrique, despite having a great season at Barcelona with five titles in 2015, has declined to travel to the Swiss city, while Guardiola is in Qatar leading a training camp for his team.

The only coach present at the gala was Sampaoli, the coach who led Chile to its first Copa America title, forcing FIFA to cancel the press conference.

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