FIFA Women’s World Cup winners

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Vancouver, July 6 (IANS) The following is the list of the winners of the women’s football World Cup since the first edition which was held in 1991:

2015 in Canada: US beat Japan 5-2 in Vancouver, Third: England, Fourth: Germany

2011 in Germany: Japan beat US 3-1 on penalties – 2-2 after extra time – in Frankfurt, Third: Sweden, Fourth: France

2007 in China: Germany beat Brazil 2-0 in Shanghai, Third: US, Fourth: Norway

2003 in US: Germany beat Sweden 2-1 – after extra-time – in Los Angeles, Third: US, Fourth: Canada

1999 in US: US beat China 5-4 on penalties – 0-0 after extra time – in Los Angeles, Third: Brazil, Fourth: Norway

1995 in Sweden: Norway beat Germany 2-0 in Stockholm, Third: US, Fourth: China

1991 in China: US beat Norway 2-1 in Guangzhou, Third: Sweden, Fourth: Germany

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