Very First Birth of Zebra Foal in Mysuru Zoo Brings Joy to All

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Very First Birth of Zebra Foal in Mysuru Zoo Brings Joy to All

Mysuru: The management and staff of Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru, commonly known to everyone as Mysuru zoo, had an atmosphere of joy and celebration as a zebra foal was born in the early hours of Thursday, Apr 21.

Mysuru-Zoo-First-Zeebra (1) It was the very first birth of a zebra, which was being eagerly awaited but there was also concern among the caretakers since it was the first experience for them as well.

The zoo had received a pair of zebras – a male and a female – from Hamburg in Germany in 1990. They were star attractions for the visitors. Named Edward and Erina, they completed their full life in the zoo.



Later in 2007, the zoo acquire a male called Raja from the Lucknow zoo, but quite sadly it died of some ailment caused by infection in 2010.

Further, two male and two female zebras were acquired from Ramat Gan National Park, Israel in 2014. They were named Dawn, Dazzle, Riddhi and Sudhir.

Acute colic problems claimed the lives of Dawn and Dazzle in 2015. At present, the zoo is housing just two zebras, Riddhi, aged three years and five months, and Sudhir, aged three years and seven months.

After interacting with senior supervisors and keepers and reviewing the available previous documents, it has been confirmed by the management that it was the very first birth of a zebra in the Mysuru zoo.

The parents, Riddhi and Sudhir, are taking good care of the foal, which too is doing well, according to the zoo authorities.

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