Flier asks for water, air hostess returns with iftar food

Flier asks for water, air hostess returns with iftar food

India is a great country, with a vast cultural spectrum it is also one of the most diverse countries. And the people of India love each other, irrespective of their religion and caste. A recent incident that took place in an Air India Alliance flight is testimony to what we are saying.

Journalist, Rifat Jawaid, who is observing Ramadan needed to consume his Iftar meal. As he was flying during that time, he went up to the air hostess of the plane to ask for a bottle of water. But what happened after that, restores our faith in humanity.

Rifat took to his official Twitter account to share the story with us. He wrote, “On my way back to Delhi in Air India Alliance from Gorakhpur: Iftar time was nearing so I walked up to cabin crew member, Manjula, asked for some water. She gave me a small bottle. I asked, ‘can I pls have 1 more bottle since I’m fasting?'”

He continued, “Manjula replied, ‘why did you leave your seat? You pls return to your seat.’ Minutes later she arrived with two sandwiches and said, ‘please don’t hesitate to ask for more.'”

Rifat added, “Of course I didn’t need more. They were more than adequate for me. What was the most satisfying was Manjula’s heartwarming gesture. This is my India!”

This melted our hearts and of many other Twitter users. Have a look.