Flowers Galore at B’luru I-Day Flower Show

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Flowers Galore at B’luru I-Day Flower Show

One of the primary attraction at the Bengaluru 204th Independence Day Flower Show is the replica of the spherical designed iconic Parliament House which comprises of over 4 lakh red roses and created by 52 expert florists and 32 skilled artists- and also a Peacock made of hundreds of Capsicum (chillies) and Tomatoes, with a glitter of gold on it. Plus there are tons of other greenery plants, ranging from fruits to vegetables. This year’s show is a dedication of the 23 years of service of horticulturist M.H. Marigowda to the horticulture department.

Mangaluru: “Roses are red my love, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet my love, But not as sweet as you …! That’s right, not just roses or violets, there are all kinds of flowers, and if the love-birds are planning a romantic-day out at the Bengaluru Lalbagh Botanical Garden, these flowers will say more than words can do! The scent of roses, Jasmines, Chrysanthemums, Daisies, anthuriums, carnations etc etc and the pleasing colors of flowers and their gladdening display, you will be all wowed at the lakhs of flowers, vegetable and fruits plants that are on display at the 2016 Independence Day Flower Show at Lalbagh Botanical Garden, started from August 8, and will end on 15 August.


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Flower shows are conducted every year during the week of Republic day and Independence day, to educate people about the variety of flora and develop public interest in plant conservation and cultivation. This year’s show, organized by the Department of Horticulture and the Mysore Horticultural Society, is a tribute to Dr M H Marigowda, considered the Father of Horticulture in India, whose birth centenary falls on August 8. A sand sculpture of Dr Marigowda and an exclusive stall on his achievements has been set up. Dr. M. H. Marigowda, who spearheaded the horticulture revolution in Karnataka, made a positive impact on the lives of tens and thousands of farmers by introducing them to horticulture. A statue of Dr. M. H. Marigowda has been placed at the entrance of the Glasshouse and floral tributes paid. Miniature replicas of the Department of Horticulture, HOPCOMS and Nurserymen’s Cooperative Society, the organizations, which he built and nurtured, and Mysore Horticultural Society, a society that was actively promoted by him, and floral arrangements, are exhibited in a distinct way around the statue.

This year, the organizers have used the Israeli mist technology inside the glass house, which has proved great results. On a scorching afternoon, one could enjoy the cooling effect enabled by the technology. The mist not only ensures lower temperature inside the Glass House and keeps the flowers fresh for long but also prevents dust from rising in the air. The Parliament House, which has been replicated with over four lakh roses, is the primary attraction of the event. Apart from professional photographers, amateur photographers and hobbyists are seen gathered at the Glass House to click pictures, and not forget to mention bunch of visitors taking selfie is a common sight. Chrysanthemum flowers only brightened the charm of the place. Apart from Orchids, roses, Jasmines, anthurium, poinsettias, pentas carnea, gerberas, carnations, fuchsia, begonias… there were too many varieties of flowers to count.

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Hawaiian Hibiscus, Dwarf Asiatic Lily, Ultra Miniature Button Rose, Attractive Miniature Poinsettia Flowers, 45-year old Stag Horn Fern, Fragrant Thai Jasmine, Deep Blue Octanthus, Light Red Loropetalum, Calibrachoa, Hanging Heliconia are some of the flowers that are on display at this year’s show. In addition, there is the foliage topiary to offer an exquisite feast for the eyes of the visitors. Display of Huge Bamboo from Sikkim State, which is one of the loveliest destinations of India, is also home to Dendrocalamus sikkimensis, a giant bamboo plant. Fifty giant bamboos of this exclusive variety are displayed at the show with the help of tribal people from Sikkim. Various artistic forms crafted using these bamboos and their display on the lawns outside the Glasshouse enchant the visitors and give them a unique experience.

Right at the entrance is a dancing peacock made of capsicum and tomatoes with a glitter of gold on it. A walk on the side of the lawns gives a glimpse of petunia flowers. A huge flora cascade, right outside the Glass House, is another crowd-pleaser. If one thought radish would could be about the size of a palm, a visit to Lalbagh could change the perspective. A root, 1.6 feet long, weighing over a kilo and grown in Bengaluru, is on display at the exhibition hall. A bunch of plantains weighing 89 kg from Hulimavu is also on display. Apart from various stalls selling gardening related items and information, the Students from the Horticulture Training Institute are also lending a helping hand to those who want to grow what they eat. They have put on display a variety of vegetables that can be cultivated in pots. The students were guiding visitors on how to grow crops at home.

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One thing that I noticed, the whole Lalbagh garden was litter-free, and there was a sign reading “Rs 100 fine for littering?” The ongoing Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh has remained litter-free so far, thanks to the efforts of volunteers working relentlessly. Under the banner ‘Beautiful Bengaluru (BB),’ and as part of their drive ‘Beautiful Bengaluru – Be the Change,’ over 50 vendors have pledged to keep the premises clean and dispose of the litter in segregated bins only. Many signboards have been put up several urging people to maintain cleanliness and segregate waste. An attractive logo – ‘Namma Lalbagh – Breathe Clean,’ which captures the essence of a beautiful garden minus the usual litter, created by designer Isaac Paul, has been painted on the signboards and garbage bins. It is learnt that there are 90 sweepers deployed for the 10-day flower show.

To sum up, what you can see at this year’s I-Day flower show at Lalbagh is : An Exposition of Dr. M. H. Marigowda’s Achievements and Quotes; Floral Replica of the Parliament House, New Delhi; Colourful Chrysanthemum flowers to hog the limelight; Green Energy Concept with Temperate Garden, showcasing Floral Windmill and Temperate Garden to spread the concept of Green Energy; Attractive Landscape Designs: Special Floral Arrangement by Indo-American Hybrid Seeds; Enticing beauty of hanging flowers, and Attractive Mega Hanging Baskets; Spectacular Display of New Flowers; Diverse Floral Pots Display; Exhibition of Rare Plants and Dwarf Ixora Plants; Colourful Display of Perennial Flowers; Flower Pyramids; Sand Replica of Dr. M. H. Marigowda; Display of Vertical Garden and Bonsai Plants. And much more, if you can manage to walk the entire garden premises?

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It is learnt taht Horticulture Minister S S Mallikarjun, had inaugurated the flower show , and on the first day nearly 13,000 people visited the flower show, including 8,750 adults, 243 children and 3,500 pass holders, as per a Horticulture Department official. Flower Show Entrance Fee: Adults: Rs.50/ ( on 10,11 and 12th August 2016) and Rs. 60/- (on 13, 14 and 15th August 2016); Children Rs.20/- on all Days. With a view to inspire children and kindle their interest in horticulture, all school children will be allowed “Free of Charge” on 11th and 15th August 2016 between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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