Food Fest & Ethnic Day Celebrations at St Aloysius ITI

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Food Fest & Ethnic Day Celebrations at St Aloysius ITI

Mangaluru: As a part of Aloysius Fiesta 2K23 Food Fest ‘Eats and Beats’ was held on December 29th, 2023 at 10 a.m. on the college campus. Ethnic day ‘Aloysius Talent Tide’ at St Aloysius ITI was held on December 30th, 2023 at 10 a.m. on the college campus. The Chief Guest for the Aloysius Talent Tide was Abhishek Shetty (RJ Abhishek) – Chief Programme Producer, Sarang 107.8 FM. Mr Roshan Dsouza – Principal, Mr Alwyn Menezes – Vice Principal, Noel Lobo – Training Officer, N Shashank – President, Student Council, Wellston Joyal Walder – Cultural Secretary, Naveen and Ms Vanditha Rego Conveners of the programme, Judges of the competition Mrs Ropashree Vorkady and Mahesh Kumar were also present.

The programme commenced with a prayer song which was led by MRAC 2nd year students. N Shahshank – President of the Student Council welcomed the gathering. The inauguration was done by the chief guest by releasing the ribbon tied to the Aloysius Talent Tide board. On the day of the food fest ‘Eats and Beats’, a Face Painting and Treasure Hunt competition was held for the students. There were different stalls, games and entertainment for the students.

The chief guest Abhishek Shetty addressing the audience said “One year ago I did not know how to drive a car, I learnt driving from this ITI. This is a technical institution. This institution builds up students technically. Behind all the work technicians play a very important role. You may be studying in different sectors and one day you will be placed in a job. Talent is a gift given to all by God. We don’t know what talents we have. We can showcase our talents by participating in the competitions. We go to different jobs, there should be sincerity in our job.”

The singing competition, dance competition and fashion show were conducted. Mr Mahesh Kumar spoke a few words saying, “My career began in this college. I feel blessed to be here and I thank this institution for giving me an opportunity. Winning is not important, participating is important. Everyone has different talents and you have shown your talent by participating in today’s competitions. I felt happy to see you all participating in the competitions actively.” A karate performance was done by Ms Navyalaxmi, a student of Electronics Mechanic 1st year.

Mrs Roopashree Vorkady said, “When I was a child I did know what acting is, today if I have grown in the cinema industry it’s because of my teachers who taught me acting. When I was in school I made use of all the opportunities. I was a backbencher in school. You have performed very well today. You may be studying in this institution today but you will grow by your talent. If we are with good people we will be good. Let everyone get happiness in their life. When I see you all today I remember my school days.”

A body workout was done by Melrick Jaison D’Souza, a student of MRAC 1st year. Principal Roshan D’Souza said, “Today the event ‘Aloysius Fiesta 2K23’ comes to an end. You have enjoyed the event very well and participated actively. We intend that students should not only study but also get an opportunity to showcase their talents. We think, only if a student scores the highest marks in an exam is he/she talented. The staff members together have prepared lunch for you all today, this shows our love and affection towards you all.”

A nasik performance was done by Ramith Shetty, a student of MMV 1st year and his team. Welston Joyal Walder, Cultural Secretary proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was compered by Ms Privisha, a Student of Electronics Mechanic 2nd year, Abdul Waris, a Student of MRAC 2nd year and Mrs Padmavathi, a JTO Electronics Mechanic.

The results of the competitions are as follows:

Face Painting competition: 1st prize – Eshan Shetty, MRAC 1st year 2nd prize – Ramith Shetty, MMV 1st year 3rd prize – Naveen, MMV 1st year

Treasure Hunt competition: 1st prize – Field AC Technician Batch 1 2nd prize – Auto Service Technician Singing competition 1st prize – MRAC 2nd year 2nd prize – Electrician 2nd year 3rd prize – MMV 2nd year

Dance competition: 1st prize – Sewing Technology 2nd prize – Fashion Designing 3rd prize – MMV 1st year Fashion show Mr Aloysian – Gowtham, student of Welder trade; Ms Aloysian – Ms Merita Dsilva, student of Fashion Designing

Master of ceremony: 1st prize – Sai Shreesha Bekal, MMV 2nd year 2nd prize – Melroy D’ souza, MRAC 2nd year 3rd prize – Ms Merita Dsilva, Fashion Designing

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