Foodhall launches morning surprises

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New Delhi, July 2 (IANS) Move over salted butter on brown bread for breakfast! It’s time you started your day with some tangy herbed garlic and sweet cranberry butter on exotic breads.

Consistently customizing and curating food to enhance the taste palate of its customers, food superstore Foodhall here has launched Foodhall Specials, a homegrown range of dairy products of flavoured butter and crème cheese.

“Our evolved food culture and lifestyle preferences have created gluten-free, organic, local, vegan and other food categories. Always being ahead of the curve, the kitchens of Foodhall are set to enthrall you with a tasty gourmet ride with this new addition in the dairy category,” a statement said.

For instance, nothing makes a grilled steak or roasted vegetables sing quite like herby butter, all melted on top and pooling into its own sauce. There’s delectable herbed garlic butter, honey mustard flavoured butter, cranberry butter and ginger chilli butter.

If you have a sweet tooth, slather the delicious cranberry butter all over your dark hot chocolate waffles. For tangy twisters, add a savory hit with herbed garlic butter on your chicken popcorn!

And, if man does not live by bread alone, there must be cheese! Here, there’s a varied range of crème cheese such as pink peppercorn and chive cheese, roasted garlic and rosemary cheese, green olive and chipotle cheese and caramalised onion and chevre cheese to your taste buds!

Then, the moist pumpernickel bread from Germany would go perfectly with the pink peppercorn and chive cheese. It not only tastes good, but the cheese with pink pepper looks aesthetic against the dark bread.

The bakery also offers tangy sourdough bread that will go well with roasted garlic and rosemary cheese. Or, pair up the Italian ciabatta bread’s sour taste with caramelised onion and chevre – a form of goat cheese. Spread the scrumptious green olive and chipotle cheese over German rye bread for a wholesome breakfast!



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