For Men Only! Vintage Men Unleash Their Talents during ‘Senior Citizens Fashion Show Contest’

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For Men Only! Vintage Men Unleash Their Talents during ‘Senior Citizens Fashion Show Contest’

Mangaluru: Life doesn’t give everyone a second chance to live their life to the fullest, but these elderly “Macho Young” members of the ‘Seniors Citizens Welfare Association’ {SCWA} of St Francis Xavier Church-Bejai, Mangaluru, one of the MOST active and energetic SCWA among all the parishes in the city, got a chance to walk the ramp during the Fashion Show contest, held on Thursday, 19 July 2018 at the Bejai Church Mini Hall. “If ladies try to follow in men’s footsteps, why not Men also follow in ladies footsteps-so tit-for-tat, after the senior ladies had participated in the Fashion Show Contest, exclusively for women, last month- it was now time for the vintage men to unleash their hidden talents during this contest. And frankly speaking, the entire event was a blast, with the vintage revelers making the best use of the remaining few years of their lives to the greatest extent, that they could!

Old is Gold!-that’s right. We don’t believe age is any more than a mere number. Not with these smooth party “young” men on the floor. Look at them go! Even in the glorious age of white hair and senior citizen discounts, their inner children are not only alive and well, they’re shaking things up too… literally. They are getting with the groove, boogey-ing, dancing well, singing oldies, and having some fun and frolic. All this and much more talents unleashed by the lovable, cute and enthusiastic young “Men Seniors” was witnessed by the gathering assembled for the Fashion Show Contest. With these “Young” revelers comprising of Papas, and Grandpas, the hall simply reverberated!

The fashion show contest organized by the Association witnessed participation of 15 senior citizens men all clad in their perfect attire, some of them resembling/impersonating personalities like Vijay Mallya, Goan Singer Remo, Bollywood Stars Raj Kapoor/Anupam Kher, former Union Minister George Fernandes, U S President Donald Trump, a Gujarathi Bridegroom, and many more- and their excellent performance brought a loud applaud from the audience, especially the vintage ladies, who thought to themselves, “OMG, our husbands can do and act much better than us?”. One participant aged 79, the oldest among the other contestants, made their counterparts realize that there is no age to feel young. “I was very good in drama and always wanted to become an actor/artiste but it never happened due to the ups and down in my life. Dreams are endless but one should have the zeal to make them true. And I am happy that I showcased my talent in front of so many people, especially these Young Senior women” said this “Grandpa” who was dressed to thrill in a typical and traditional Indian dress.

It was a platform to make the oldsters feel special. “This event was a very good opportunity for us Seniors, to bring back our younger fun days, we enjoyed a lot. I felt so young. I just want to tell the youngsters that never feel shy and always try to bring out the best in them. Old-age is just a age, if you still have energy, determination and courage you can still rock at this ripe age. Yes, even though we are old, but we should feel young from within. I also thank for always highlighting the senior citizens events, thereby making the world know, that there is still young life during senior life” said Music maestro F M Lobo.

Yet another Senior Man, Ronnie Fernandes said “The event was a combination of fun and information. We all spend our lives taking care of our families all these years. This is the time when we can do something for ourselves. I always dreamt of performing on stage but as the time passed desires vanished. But today I felt I am no less than anybody. Old age also brings the young energy out of you, and I am glad that this association has given an opportunity to explore our young talents at this senior age.”

The progarmme with a prayer song followed by welcome address by Ms Juliet Mascarenhas-the President of SCWA. The activities report was read by Ms Daisy D’souza, followed by Eric Coelho reading the finance report. Introducing the chief guests and judges, it was time for the big gig of the night, where the 14 contestants were all ready to unleash their hidden talents in front of the anxiously waiting audience. The 14 contestants gave their best performances, out of which five were selected for the final round, where they had to introduce themselves, narrate their achievements and one of their funniest moment in their lives- and finally answer to to a query posed at them by the judges.

The attraction of the day was a mesmerizing and scintillating dance by the one and only sizzling hot babe, even in her sixty plus, entertained the audience and put a romantic spell on all these 14 contestants, dancing to the Bollywood tune “Hava Hava Ye Hava” from the movie “Mubarakan”- and then she joined with the contestants for a group dance to the Bollywood tune “Ande Fa Fanda” from the film “Jodi No 1”-where all the contestants held their eggs { a shampoo bottle in the form of an egg} high in the air while dancing- a gift given to them by one of the judges. And this dance star attraction “Hema Malini” of the evening was none other than Ms Juliet Mascarenhas. The audience gave a rousing applause for her superb performance- and some older ladies might have thought, ” Wish I could have also danced like her?”

The final results were out, where both the judges, Archibald Menezes {President of St Aloysius College Alumni Association} and Rohan Carlo- Partner, Veera’s Unisex Salon {the main sponsor of this event} had a tough time to select the best among the rest- and Oswald Rodrigues was judged as the “Seenager Bejai-2018” winner, while Eric Coelho was selected as Runner-Up. “Seenager-Bejai 2018″: ” Best Costume” prize went to Ronnie Fernandes; “Best Personality” prize to Avil Rodrigues; and “Best Talent” prize to Sylvester Pinto. They all received prizes from Veera’s Unisex Salon, and Cash prizes sponsored by Lions Club of Mangalore-Centennial Club”. The contest proceedings were well handled and compered by Ms Daisy D’souza and Ms Connie Saldanha, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Daisy D’souza. Staff members of Globe Travels-Mangaluru under the leadership of Ms Delphine briefed the audience about their forthcoming tour packages to Holy Land and European tours, which the seniors showed keen interest in taking the tors.

Speaking on the occasion, Archibald Menezes said, “Even though I belong to an SCWA of a different parish, but this association simply rocks with vigour, determination and energy. Age Is Only A Number, and at this age there are many ways to find meaning in life after 60-where you can discover the magic in you. And all these 14 participants have proved it with their talents. Ageing is not ‘lost youth’, but a new stage of opportunity and strength”- there is no age limit when you are capable of having some fun and want to party. Great job by all you young guys? Keep up the good work, and be an example for SCWA of other parishes”. Also speaking Rohan Carlo said, “Looking at you all in golden ripe age very active and rocking with your talents, I feel little ashamed being young, not active in co-curricular activities. You all have really shown to the youth, that there is no limit for age, if you have capacity and energy, anything is possible. I feel blessed to be here as a judge to witness all the fun and frolic you senior folks are into. God bless you all”

In conclusion, in my perspective, now that these seniors who find themselves nearly drawing pensions and thinking what? What now? But not with these Bejai seniors who not just sit quite and do nothing, instead have shown the world that they could also perform and have fun at this age too. Now, coinciding with their transition into retirement, these men are really indulging in fashion and fashionable clothing, which they explored during the event. They presented their catwalk collections embracing current buzz-themes of tradition-ality sustainability, diversity and inclusivity. And while this description might be accurate only to a fraction of the current generation of older men, their voice is certainly worth listening to. With all these vintage folks unleashing their hidden talents even at the “golden Ripe Age” made everyone feel that even older folks have the capacity to rock the world with their talents in their vintage years.

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young. The complete life, the perfect pattern, includes old age as well as youth and maturity. Aging gracefully is one thing, but trying to slow it down is another. There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. Looking at these seniors, I don’t think they all looked old, but looked young, energetic and cheerful- Hats off to Ms Juliet Mascarenhas and her team for bringing a change in them through her ideas and planning. “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” had said George Bernard Shaw. These “Young” bunch proved to be exceptionally talented, having some fun and laughing throughout the programme- Truly “Vintage Revellers”!

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  1. I congratulate all the 15 young contestants of” Mr. Seenager Bejai 2018″ contest. Fashions never grow old .Very True .You proved it. Thanks to Veera , her son Rohan Carlo of Veera’s Unisex Salon , Lion Lawrence Lobo, President and his team of Lions Club, Mangalore-Centennial for sposoring the prizes to all participants and winners.Judges Archibald Menezes and Rohan Carlo for sparing their precious time .OF course Alphie your report glamorize our show . God Bless.

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