Forum Fiza Mall Holds ‘Purple Run’ for Alzheimer’s

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Forum Fiza Mall Holds ‘Purple Run’ for Alzheimer’s

Mangaluru: The Forum Fiza Mall organized “Forum Purple Run” in association with 7 malls, 6 cities and 1 run for Alzheimer’s at the mall premises here on September 30.

The run was flagged off by the Forum Mall Centre head Fayaz. There were four categories of the ‘Forum Purple Run’.

The prize distribution ceremony was held after the run. District Minister in-charge U T Khader was the chief guest. Addressing the gathering U T Khader said, “In Business, Forum Mall has created name and fame by its concern towards the society, organizing various programmes to keep people healthy and fit. Alzheimer’s is a deadly disease. Today many have come here early in the morning at 4:00 am, to take part in this run.

U T Khader further said, “Anyone including our family members or friends may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. It is our duty to maintain our health be it with food habits, environment or physical exercise, we need to exercise every day to keep ourselves fit and fine. Youngsters nowadays are depending on fast food which is not healthy. We need to lead a stress free life. when our family members are victims of Alzheimer’s, we need to take special care of them. I wish all the participants all the very best. I also congratulate Athlete Poovamma for bringing laurels to our country and making us all Mangaloreans proud. The government has already given Poovamma the prize money, I will try my best to increase the prize money for Poovamma in the coming days.”

Addressing the gathering Athlete Poovamme said, “I am very happy to be here. If you run for a day is not enough but you have to keep yourself fit physically and mentally. Work hard with dedication and determination to achieve your goals. we all should have a goal in our life, if we lose in any competition, do not give up but take it as a first step for success. When we lose we should understand our mistake and try to correct it. We have many talents in Mangaluru but parents do not give enough support for their children to take up sports, parents always want their children to study and get high percentage in studies. Those who are interested in sports should be encouraged by their parents as well as their teachers”.

Poovamma was felicitated by B M Farooq with a shawl memento and a floral bouquet.

B M Farooq speaking on the occasion said, “This is a well-organized programme for the cause of Alzheimer’s. It is with the great sadness I say, Alzheimer’s is a type of disease that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. In the early stages, memory loss is mild but in the later stages of the disease, the individual loses the ability to carry on with the conversation and respond to their environment. Let scientists find out a solution to cure this disease since my own father-in-law was suffering from Alzheimer’s and was unable to recognize his own daughter, he had recently passed away. We are not running this marathon for any competition but to bring awareness about Alzheimer’s. I wish all the participants all the very best.”

RJ Rashmi Ullal speaking on the occasion said, “Morning is a wonderful blessing. Past is history, future is a mystery and present is the beautiful gift of God. Two years back I had the opportunity to announce about Alzheimer’s and I was not aware of this disease. Whenever our people suffer from such a disease we need to take good care of them. We need to support our seniors and not neglect them. I have done my best to spread awareness about the Alzheimer’s. You all should be the ambassadors to spread the awareness of Alzheimer’s.”

Owner of S L Shet Jewellers, Padma Shet was also present. Fayaz delivered the vote of thanks. Prizes were distributed to the winners by the guests.

Winners in 3Kms Men
1st Place – Santhosh S (9.54 min)
2nd place – Anjuman (9.57min)
3rd price – Krishna R G (10.13min)

Winners in 3Kms Women 
1st Place – Harshitha (13.37 min)
2nd place – Jayaylakshmi (13.38 min)
3rd price – Deepashree (13.39min)

Winners in 5Kms Men
1st Place – Milan M C (18.27min) Alva’s College
2nd place – Nataraj J (19.45min) (Alva’s College
3rd price – Omkar Gundu Patil (19.58min)(Alva’s College

Winners in 5Kms Women
1st Place – Deeksha P (22.13min)
2nd place – Malashree (22.26min)
3rd price – Chaitra P (23.01min)

Winners in 10Kms Men
1st Place – Manjunath Neelappa Ghodi (38.47min)
2nd place – H N Sakriyappa (40.15min)
3rd price – Ashok A J(44.37 min)

Winners in 10Kms Women
1st Place – Priya L D (47.27min)
2nd place – Priyanka H P (48.47min)
3rd price – Lalitha Nayak (58.24min)

Winners in 21Kms Men
1st Place – Lakshmish (1.31.42min)
2nd place – Nilesh Belliraya (1.35.42min)
3rd price – Dheeraj (1hr36min)

Winners in 21Kms Women
1st Place – Shalini K (1.43min)
2nd place – Harshitha Sharma (2.40.30min)
3rd price – Avanthika Angare (2.40.35)

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