Forum to Protest against Oppression by Managing Committee of Ullal Dargah

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Forum to Protest against Oppression by Managing Committee of Ullal Dargah

Members of Seyyid Madani Mohalla Okkuta {SMO} Ullal to stage a Mass Protest against the Mismanagement and Oppression by the Self-Proclaimed Managing Committee of Ullal Dargah, aka as ‘The Hazrath Seyyid Muhammed Shareeful Madani Darga, Ullal’ – a popular Islamic spiritual place in South India and popularly known as ‘Ajmer of South India’. The Mass protest will be held on 6 April 2018 at 3 pm at the Thokkuttu Bus Stand.

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangalore Press Club, U S Hamza Haji-the Honorary President of Seyyid Madani Mohalla Okkuta {SMO}, and also the Former President of Ullal Dargah said, ” In the year 2016 there has been an election conducted for the Managing Committee of Ullal Dargah. After the election there has been a serious dispute arose with regard to illegality and malpractices in election conducted to Managing Committee and selection of office bearers. There was serious law and order situation arose in the premise of Ullal Dargah since the formation of new illegal and self-styled office bearers. There were also several complaints and representations submitted to the District Administration and the District Wakf with regard to corruption and misappropriation by the present self-styled committee after assuming office.”

He further said, ” Since unrest have been created in the Institute, the Karnataka State Board of Wakf in order to safe guard the interest of the devotees, acting under Section 65 of the Wakf Act, vide its order dated 18/5/2016 directed to assume the Ullal Dargah under the direct management of the Wakf Board and to conduct the fresh election and thereafter to constitute a regular Managing committee either by selection or election as per approved Scheme of Administration. Since the said Order dated 18/5/2016 has been stayed (only on technical grounds) by the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, the present self-styled Committee is continued to be in the Management of Ullal Dargah.”

“As stated above, the present self-styled, illegal and unethical Managing Committee is indulged in corruption and the way of management is completely in violation of customs of the Ullal Dargah. The present Committee has forcibly taken over the Administration with the support of rowdy elements. Most of the Members in the present Ullal Dargah Committee are tainted, corrupt and having an anti-social background. Under this background, the general public of Ullal in support of localities of Dakhina Kannada District is scheduled a mass protest against the illegal and Self-styled Managing Committee of Dargah Shareef Ullal which is scheduled to be held on Friday, 06th April, 2018 at near Thokkottu Bus Stand” added Hamza Haji.

Also speaking during the press meet, P S Mohammed Shihabuddin Kamil Sakhafi-the President of SMO said, “The main issues are as follows:

– The present Illegal and Self-proclaimed Committee has violated the traditional systems of Dargah Shareef Ullal and therefore created bad impression among the people; There are about 32 mosques & 33 Madrasa’s governed by Ullal Dargah. Out of these salaries of 12 Mosques and Madarasa teachers are unpaid since 10 to 18 months. The total pending salary amount is approximately Rupees 50 Lakhs.”

– As per the Bye-laws of the Ullal Dargah Shareef, the Khazhi of Ullal is having supreme authority. In case of any crisis within the limits in respect of religious, social, educational, administrative etc. the decision of Khazi shall be the final. It is the duty of the Managing Committee to obey the decisions of Khazi and to execute the same. Unfortunately the present Committee is acting against the directions and orders issued by the Khazi of Ullal Assayyed Fazal Koyamma Koorath Al-Bukhari. The present Committee is attempting to defame and disrespect the dignity of the Khazi which is not only intolerable but also in violation of the customary practice prevailing in Islam.

– The people of Ullal are illegally influenced by the Darga Committee in not to raise the voice against the oppression, corruption and illegal activities of its members. The goons are paid by the Committee to attack on the justice seekers and law abiding citizens. Further, many false criminal cases including cases like attempt to murder were registered against innocent youngsters.

– The syllabus of Madarasa text Book is replaced against the decisions of the Khazi and the same is arbitrary, illegal and contrary to the Government Order dated 10.10.2011, directions issued by the Deputy Commissioner on 9.11.2012 and also the direction issued by the District Wakf on 17.01.2014 to 5 other Madrasas in the D.K District. The corrupt Committee have supplied new syllabus books to all Madarasa classes with serious errors.

-The last Ramadan Festival (Eid Ul Fithur) which was 26-06-2017 was mishandled and misled by the present Dargah Committee and the same was in violation of the orders issued by the Khazi. The Dargah Committee unilaterally issued a statement to celebrate festival one-day prior i.e. on 30th fasting day of Ramadan. By doing so, the uncivilized Dargah Committee had totally ruined the Eid atmosphere. Apart from that the Convocation Ceremony held in the year 2017 at Sayyed Madani Arabic College without consenting the Khazi.

– The present Committee is misappropriated the funds and Finance of Ullal Dargah. There are several complaints and representations submitted to various authorities. Most importantly, many complaints had been submitted to the local MLA and Minister in Government of Karnataka but to futile. Being in a responsible post like MLA, he did not pursue the issues to get the justice but he seems to be having fond with the culprits.

– Though the Ullal Darga Shareef is registered under State Wakf Board, unfortunately the present Committee is totally violating the rules, regulations and policies of Wakf Board. The most disastrous is that, present self-proclaimed Dargah Committee is disapproving the Court and Government orders.

“Even though we have been raising our voices and fighting against all these issues, and since no action has been taken we have finally decided in order to prevail justice, the people of Ullal will gather together to protest against illegal Committee on 6th April, 2018 at 3:00 PM at Bus Stand, Thokkottu. All are requested to be present in this programme in order to seek Justice” added Kamil Sakhafi.

Other members present during the press meet were – Seyyid Kubaib Thangal (Member Seyyid Madani Mohalla Okkuta; Althaf kumpala (Member Wakf Advisory board D.K); and Ashraf Sulliya (Member Seyyid Madani Mohalla Okkuta)

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