Fr James Inaugurates 15th Shramadan of 5th Phase of RKM’s Swacchata Abhiyan

Fr James Inaugurates 15th Shramadan of 5th Phase of RKM’s Swacchata Abhiyan

Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan’s 15 th Shramadan of 5 th phase was carried out in Valencia Gorigudda area from 7.30 am to 10.30 am on 10 th March.

The Shramadan was jointly flagged off at 7.30 am near Valencia church by Fr James D’Souza and Anil Lobo, President of MCC Bank

Speaking on the occasion Fr James Dsouza said, “The nature around us is a gift from God to us, hence its our bounden duty to protect it at all cost. Already we are ruining this beautiful nature. We should stop it and promote such activities as this Abhiyan so that we can pass on nature to our future generation. I congratulate Ramakrishna Mission for its sustained initiatives in this regard and urge everyone to join their hands in making it successful.”

Speaking on the occasion Anil Lobo said, “Cleanliness should become a part of our daily habit. As we clean our body daily with due care so should we keep our surroundings clean. The feeling that this house, city, environment belongs to me will greatly help in the success of this Abhiyan.”

Fr Arun Lobo, Fr Joswin Pravin, Kudroli Ganesh, Patrick D’Souza, Manohar Shetty, Lizy Pinto, Radhakrishna Padil, Prof. Francis Crasta and others were present on this occasion.

Shramadan: Members of Team Swacch Yekkur cleaned the area in front of Gorigudda crematorium. Heaps of sand and stones were removed using JCB and tipper. Drains were overfilling with garbage and they were removed and thoroughly cleaned. By keeping pots with flower plants the entire spot has been given a facelift. Students of Nitte Physiotherapy College under the leadership of Dr Dhanesh Kumar cleaned the road adjoining Valencia church and the footpaths. Sandip Kodikal and others removed the heaps of garbage lying beside Valencia circle. The spot was levelled and pots of flower plants were kept to dissuade public from littering in the spot. The stone slabs lying in the road obstructing the passers-by and vehicular movement in the 4th crossroad in Gorigudda were cleared. Senior volunteers cleaned the Gorigudda road. Dilraj Alva guided the volunteers.

Door to Door visit: Volunteers visited several houses from door to door in Sooterpet, Gorigudda and Valencia area reaching out to about 300 households urging them to keep their area clean. Aniruddh Suresh Shetty and others guided the volunteers. Each household was urged to manage their waste and help in the Abhiyan by keeping their areas free from littering.

Renovation of direction boards: Several direction boards in Mangalore have faded letters and are not serving the purpose. Under the Swacchata Abhiyan initiative, such boards are being repainted with beautiful fonts helping the public. Today the boards in Valencia right 2 nd cross, Gorigudda right 2 nd Cross, Gorigudda right 4 th cross were repainted. The work of fixing new seats in service bus stand at State Bank which was started a few weeks ago was resumed this week too. A few seats were fixed and painted thus benefitting the passengers waiting for the buses. Uday K P, Lokesh Kottara and many other volunteers joined in this.

Swacch Soch Seminars: Seven Swacch Soch seminars were organized in the last week in several colleges. Seminars were organized at SDM Inst. Of Technology, Ujire, Nitte Physiotherapy College at Deralakatte, University evening College at Hampankatta, SDM IIT college at Venur, Govt. First Grade College at Punjalkatte, Carmel Degree College at Bantwala, Govt. B Ed College, Mangalore. Shreelatha U A, Prof. Sheshappa Amin, Nivedita Kamath, Saritha Shetty, Captian Gopinath Rao were resource persons. Ranjan Bellarpady guided the team. Till date, 48 Swacch Soch Seminars have been organized. MRPL and Nitte institutions are sponsoring these drives.

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Oswald S.

I was pretty surprised to see boys and girls cleaning the area near the Valencia park and leaving flower pots as beautification. But who will water these plants? No sooner they left the place looking neat and clean, people started to throw trash once again – what a pity and irresponsible behaviour. Instead of flower pots, they could have provided trash bins at various places so that people can dump their trash. Anyway, very good job and may God bless them all.