Fresh CBI Investigation into Chembarika Qazi’s Death Begins

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Kasaragod: C M Abdulla Moulavi was a Muslim scholar hailing from the Chembirika, a village in Kasaragod and an active member of Samasta Kerala Jamiyatul Ulama.

He was well known for his special command over astronomy and mathematics. He championed the upliftment of Muslims and laid foundation for Jamiya Sadiya in Deli, Kasaragod and Malabar Islamic Complex.


For many years he had served as qazi in Mangaluru and Chembarika. He had earned the popular tag as ‘Chembarika qazi’. When the 1933-born scholar was found dead on Chembarika beach on Feb 10. 2010, thousands of his admirers and community members were dumb-struck.

It was beyond comprehension as to how he, at his age, could walk along such a long distance and how his walking stick and footwear could be found on a rock on the beach. The chance of foul play was clear, according to his followers.

A report from the CBI concluded it to be a case of suicide. In response to a petition, the Kerala high court has recently ordered a reinvestigation into the whole case.


Accordingly, a team from the Thiruvananthapuram unit of the CBI, led by SP Jose Mohan, arrived and conducted investigations in Bekal and Chembarika. It also collected details from the late qazi’s son Shafi, who had filed a complaint in the first place.

The team is expected to probe as to how the 70-plus senior could walk up the rock and leave his reading glasses, walking stick and footwear.

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Original R.Pai
8 years ago

This one is for Jihaadi Shaikh who is lately missing on this forum for some mysterious reason. Here is a BBC report on Ahmadiyas and the threat they face EVEN in UK!!!!! Yes, UK!!! Very tolerant and peaceful.