From God’s Own Country with Love- ‘Kerala Food Fest’ at Moti Mahal

From God’s Own Country with Love- ‘Kerala Food Fest’ at Moti Mahal

Mangaluru: This month taste the culture that embraces richness in every sense. Savour a wide variety of authentic lip-smacking dishes from the coasts of Malabar cooked to perfection- and that’s Kerala Food. Come, be a part of the Kerala Food Festival now going on from 1 February until 26 February 2017 at Mangala Restaurant-Hotel Moti Mahal – Falnir- Road, Mangaluru and take your taste buds on an expedition right into the heart of The God’s Own Country – Kerala.

Kerala Food Festival at Moti Mahal brings to you a cuisine so divine that takes you right into the Land of Boat houses and Kathakali! Indulge in a feast of authentic delicious dishes like Najandu Roast (Crab cooked in Malabar traditional roasted gravy); Kozhi Stew (Which is Chicken stew, where chicken pieces are cooked in coconut milk in Kerala homemade style); Meen Pollichathu (Kerala style pollichathu cooked in coconut oil covered wrapped with banana leaves); Chettinad Chicken Roast ( Spicy, hot flavorful araomatic Chicken roasted gravy); Grandma’s Fish Curry ( This is one of Chef’s grandma’s wonderful recipe); Kottayam style Fish Curry ( Spicy and delicious fish curry cooked in Kottayam style); Meen Mulakittath ( Fish cooked in tomato tangy curry); Kumarakum Fish Curry ( Fish curry cooked in red chilli. spices and well favored with Malabar tamarind. It is the typical Kottayam style fish curry).

Meen Mappas ( Fish mappas is a traditional delicious Kerala Kottayam style recipe, with fish cooked in coconut oil and masala); Fish Molly (Kerala style fish molly is a delightful mildly spiced fish stew, served with appam); Fish Mango Curry ( Kerala style fish curry, cooked with raw mango and coconut milk); Meen Muringakka Curry ( Fish curry with drumsticks cooked in coconut milk with added spices); Chicken Thalasseri Biriyani. Side dishes are Puttu, Kerala parota and coin parota. For appetizers you can try- Kanava Nirachath (Squid stuffed with Chef’s special spices); Nadan Kozhi 65 ( Chicken marinated in Chef’s special herbs and deep fried); Skewered Shrimp ( Prawns grilled in oven and served on a skewer);

Chef Sandeep Shetty an exclusive chef for the Kerala style cuisine along with Devendra Bhatt, the executive Chef at Moti Mahal have both collaborated to bring home cooked and authentic dishes from Kerala to the people of Kudla longing for some good food. This food festival will feature plenty of dishes cooked exquisitely by these two chefs, brimming with authentic varieties of local food from Kerala. Together with these two chefs, Moti Mahal wants to bring in the entire cultural heritage of Kerala and its delectable cuisine and not only restrict it to the vegetarian taste buds and go beyond that, to showcase the rich culinary offerings of the state and its people.

Chef Sandeep Shetty has over 13 years of cooking experience having worked with the famous Kerala MRA Group, and also at Mariola Resort in Goa. Executive Chef Devendra also has 13 years of experience having worked in various star hotels in Mumbai, Pune, Kerala and Bengaluru. While you are savouring the delicious Kerala food, during the weekend (Sat/Sun) you will be treated to some melodious ghazals by a professional singer from 8 pm onwards.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Jinraj Shetty- Manager of Operations said, ” Food is our common ground a universal experience. With this pretension we are presenting for the First time ‘Kerala food festival’, and we hope to get a prodigious response. We would like to invite all gastronomes to savor some of the authentic cuisine’s from God’s own country now going on till 26 Feb. During this Fest period of scrumptious food, expressive art, and lively, feel-good Ghazal music is awaiting you all. Come and join us to spur your taste buds with some exhilarating Kerala tradition and culture at this Kerala Food Festival. We have also given a new look to our Tai Chien Chinese restaurant by transforming into a lounge, so that you can socially dine and wine in a cozy atmosphere, with live Dj music. We look forward to your patronage and assure you a courteous service”

The festival features flavours from multiple districts of Kerala, each with its own well-known delicacies catering to seafood lovers, meat cravers and vegetarian aficionados. The two experienced Chefs are ensuring an honest and traditional style of Kerala cooking. Restaurant Manager Kusumakar Rai and his bevy of staff at the Mangala Restaurant inside Hotel Moti Mahal are all geared up to provide the best service with courteousness and smile. Duty Manager Clody Lobo speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “We trying to introduce many Food festivals in the coming days so that the food aficionados of Mangaluru will be able to savor different kinds of the cuisine of India. With the changes made at Tai Chien in converting it into a lounge, we are looking forward to a mixed crowd of young and old who want to socialize in a very comfort atmosphere. We have also offered 20% discount on food and beverage on the occasion of our launching of Tai Chien Lounge. “

For Enquiries and Reservations, Please contact on or call 0824-2441411; 9741195600; 9741192600

‘Tai Chien Chinese Restaurant’ Rechristened as ‘Tai Chien Lounge’

Come experience the “Good Times” at the newly renovated “Tai Chien Lounge” originally ‘Tai Chien Chinese Restaurant” inside Hotel Moti Mahal-Falnir Road, Mangaluru. Tai Chien Lounge definitely a new buzz and happening place in town is a Trendy and Elegant Lounge offering a wide array of drinks, delectable Snacks, tantalizing and awesome food along with in-house DJ, winsome ambience, excellent decor, friendly and courteous staff.

Well, this is ‘ Tai Chien Lounge’ and you might as well give it a shot. It has a more happening scene with a faithful group of people who end up there and have some social time. The best thing about this place is the variety of music that is being played by Dj Sush- Just great rock/pop/reggae/EDM/techno etc and if you are heading to ‘tai Chien’ then make sure you pick friends who enjoy similar style music or else you are not going to enjoy as much. Just enjoy your drink and have Oriental Fusion Cuisine (Thai, Chinese etc) or continental etc while listening to great music. Just classic…

One of the very simple reasons music buffs or party revelers would like ‘Tai Chien Lounge’ because when you come in here any day of the week, it will make you feel like a weekend! From kind hospitality and friendly management folks, they make you feel like their own. The servers here are great, polite and so very jovial! looks like they really enjoy their work which in turns makes the customers have a good lively time. The music and ambience is perfect- Nothing to complain at all! Air-conditioned with a comfortable seating arrangement, one can relax after a hectic day at work or college, and enjoy all the goodies and hospitality ‘Tai Chien Lounge’ has to offer. The array of drinks are synonymous to refreshing time, to unwinding and rejuvenate. So next time you are planning a birthday bash or celebrate any occasion or just spend some social time in a cozy atmosphere, make ‘Tai Chien Lounge’ your fun and entertainment headquarters.

And for some reason if the loud music is bothering you, there is a closed family room where a few people can be accommodated, where you can wine and dine in a noiseless and cozy atmosphere. With its warm and cozy feel, this ‘Lounge’ with authentic cuisine and mind blowing music will make it just a place to be and quench yourself with a beer, cocktails, mocktails, snacks and good food any time of the day. With an epitome of comfort and state-of-the-art interiors, the ambience embodies elegance at its best and the panelled lounge with soothing lights will be easy on the eyes. One can relax on the cozy seats and spend your social spree sipping on your favorite brand of drinks, and munching on your Tibetian/Korean Momos, Chang Mai Prawns or Ching Wing Chicken or Satay Chicken or other lip-smacking multi-cuisine items like Spicy Mongolian Curry or Phad Tai Sai Noodles or Khao Phad rice etc.

The Lounge’s full-fledged and well-equipped modern kitchen will dish out myriad cuisines of Oriental Fusion Cuisine, Continental etc ranging from soups, salads, starters and main course delicacies.With a wide variety of drinks, and choicest a-la-carte menu, why go somewhere else? And the classy decor with psychedelic lights will offer you an experience worth remembering. With mind-blowing variety of music and lip-smacking dishes are to die for once at, ‘ Tai Chien Lounge’.

To sum it up- after an extreme make-over, at ‘Tai Chien Lounge’ the ambience is beautiful – The service is very good and the staff is courteous – Food is awesome with the wide selection on the menu list – The music is amazing every day of the week. Must visit for people looking to chill out in this area. The food is pretty good too unlike many other places which are just about Ok. You will love this place as this is a quick mix for a place which has good deals on booze and yummy food too, decent ambience and good music. And with the Launching of the Lounge special, you can avail 20% discount on Food and Beverage for a limited time during Happy Hours timing from 12 noon-8 pm. every day.

Restaurant manager Vinod Kunder and his energetic staff are all ready to treat you and make your social spree at Tai Chien Lounge a memorable one. Simply a fun place to be for a social get-together. And for sure- ‘Tai Chien Lounge’ is the New Buzz and Happening Place in Town! Stop by and experience this unique Lounge and feel the difference.

For Enquiries and Reservations please contact on or call 0824-2441411; 7348942783; 7019644562

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  1. OMG, mouth watering Kerala fish dishes.
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