From ‘Punching’ to ‘Pedalling’?


As the saying goes, “Jack of All Trades”, but our Mangaluru City Corporation Mayor Kavitha Sanil is a “Jackie of All Sports?”- from a Weight lifting champ to a Karate champ, the City’s First lady showed the citizens that she can pedal too and that Cycling is also part of her hobby, to keep her slim and trim? Why not we follow in her footsteps, and make Cycling a hobby to burn a few calories and also remain healthy- Slim and Trim?

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E Sylva

If the Hon Mayor will ensure that the roads in her Ward 19 are as smooth as the concrete road she is riding on, well then I too will cycle. But as it stands today I will fall down at least a dozen times, thanks to the many potholes, just riding a cycle from my home to the closest line of shops to get my daily necessities.

I hope this comment will get the desired attention to the road, which has been destroyed thanks to the overloaded sand trucks over the last one year.