George, Amal casually mentioned baby news to Julie Chen

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George, Amal casually mentioned baby news to Julie Chen

Los Angeles, Feb 15 (IANS) Actor George Clooney and wife Amal “casually mentioned” they were expecting twins to TV host Julie Chen.

Chen has now revealed how the news of the pregnancy first came to light, reports

Chen, who is married to CBS’ chief executive Leslie Moonves, said: “Here’s the truth of the matter. My husband and I saw George and Amal about almost three weeks ago and they casually mentioned that they were expecting twins. We were all like, ‘Is it a secret?’ and George kind of went, ‘No.’ But we didn’t feel right telling anybody.”

After speculation began to mount about whether the couple were expecting their first child together, the “Talk” co-host decided to go public with George and Amal’s baby news.

“My producer said, ‘We might report on it.’ I’m like, ‘No, it’s true! It’s totally true! He said it wasn’t a secret. Let’s break the news!’ I’ve been dying to tell.”

But before she announced the news to the world, Chen first spoke to her husband.

She explained: “I called Leslie first because they’re old friends. Leslie knows him for so long. He goes, ‘You know what? I think it’s OK.’ ..This is news everyone celebrates! How could you want to keep it a secret?”

Chen’s confession comes after George’s mother Nina said the Hollywood star will make a “great” dad.

Nina also revealed the “Money Monster” actor and Amal, 39, personally came to visit her and George’s father Nick in order to deliver the happy news.

“We were with them and they told us together. We were all together, and it was lovely. It was just a personal moment,” she said.

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