Getting Emotional Support Animal Certification for Coping with Various Conditions

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Getting Emotional Support Animal Certification for Coping with Various Conditions

Having a pet at home was considered as a hobby till some time back. But recent survey reports have shown that having a pet in the house can help in better development of a kid. Going further, it has been seen that nowadays pets are also being recommended by doctors as a treatment for certain kinds of disorders, particularly psychological issues like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia etc. Defined as Emotional Support Animal (ESA), these pets have shown to provide great results for the patients with different kinds of disabilities. Though dogs are the first preference as an ESA, cats, and other animals are also being taken into consideration nowadays. It depends on the preference of the patient as which animal he/she is comfortable with.


Understanding the difference between ESA and service dog

Many people have a notion that service dog and emotional support animal is the same. But, they are actually completely different. Service dogs are highly trained and are provided specific tasks. They are used for security reasons and other purposes. These dogs can be taken to any public place without any kind of prior permission. On the other hand, emotional support animals are prescribed for people who need emotional support in case of ailments like depression, anxiety, and stress. In order to keep such pets in homes where they are not allowed, an emotional support animal certification is needed.

With such a certification, keeping the pet for therapeutic needs will not be a problem. These animals are allowed in rental housing or in aircraft while travelling. They cannot be taken in other public places.

Fair Housing Amendment Act

As per the Fair Housing Amendment Act, a landlord cannot discriminate against a tenant, who has an ESA letter. However, the letter should be on the letterhead of a practising professional and should clearly mention that the patient needs assistance from an emotional support animal for the quick recovery and well-being. In fact, if the patient needs to travel by aeroplane, the pet should be allowed to him/her.

With the Fair Housing Amendment Act and action 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, landlords have to provide accommodation for people with disabilities, particularly for those who suffer from mental illnesses or other kinds of psychological disorders. With proper ESA prescription, patients can keep any kind of pet which keeps them well and happy.

Seeking services from agencies who provide ESA

Understanding the requirements of patients, many agencies have come forward in extending their help for emotionally and psychologically disturbed patients by providing emotional support animals. If the medical practitioner recommends that the patient needs ESA, these agencies can be of great help. They have different kinds of pets and patients can choose the animal they feel connected too. Dogs are the most preferred animal though cats and other animals are in demand as well. With proper emotional support animal certification, getting a pet from such agencies is no problem at all. Make pets your best friend and fight off the psychological disorders easily.

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