‘Ghee Eaters’ have spoiled our country not ‘Meat Eaters’ – Jayan Malpe

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‘Ghee Eaters’ have spoiled our country not ‘Meat Eaters’ – Jayan Malpe

Mangaluru: Dalit and Minority Anti Atrocities Organizations Joint Committee staged a protest in front of the DC office here on July 29.


Dalit leader Ashok Kottari in his keynote address said that after the NDA came to power in the center the Dalits and the lower caste have been harassed. There is no value for the life of Dalits. He further said that in Gujarat four brothers who were found skinning a dead cow which was killed by a lion were harassed and brutally beaten. Atrocities are continuously being committed against the Dalits throughout the country. One BJP leader compared Mayavati to a prostitute, due to harassment Rohit Vemula, a PhD student committed suicide. There are a number of atrocities being committed on the Dalits. Earlier the BJP was targeting Muslims in the name of cow trafficking and illegal cow slaughter by the so called “Go Rakshak’s”, are now targeting the Dalits and the lower class.

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He further said that in Madya Pradesh 50 Dalit families have written a letter to the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to seek permission for euthanasia because their land has been occupied by land mafias. They do not have anything left for their livelihood so they have begged for mercy killing. Ashok urged the protesters to raise their voice until the atrocities on Dalits is not stopped.

Addressing the protesters Jayan Malpe said, “In our country Dalits and the minorities have been harassed and assaulted. In Maharastra BJP MLA Ravindra Chavan compared Dalits as Pigs and another BJP leader compared Dalits to dogs. Recently a BJP leader compared Mayavati to a Prostitute. In Gujarat four Dalits were brutally beaten for skinning a dead cow. In the name of go rakshak the BJP and the Sangh Parivar is assaulting the minorities and the Dalits”.

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Jayan further said, “If you kill an animal or cow it is a crime but if the same people thrash us Dalits, the government is not taking any action against them for the crime. Wearing a Rs 2 thread around the neck, and preaching about the Hindu Society. BJP and the Sangh Parivar are playing with the lives of poor girls and now they are trying to defame the constitution. They say that the country has been spoiled by the meat consumers, but in reality, the country has been spoiled by Ghee eaters. Hindu society has no humanity towards Dalits, why should we remain in the Hindu Society”, he Questioned.

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He also pointed out that when Chief minister Siddaramaiah’s son is ill, Modi called Siddaramaiah to enquire about his son’s well-being, whereas when the Dalit youths were brutally beaten, Modi did not find the time to look into the issue or speak a word about it. Even the Pejavar Swamiji who speaks about equality, where is he now? Why has he maintained silence when atrocities are being on the Dalits, he questioned.

District President of SDPI Haneef Konaje, Chandra Kumar, Vipu Kumar and others were also present.

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  1. For trained ears, one knows exactly what he meant with a reference to ‘ghee eaters’. This is the kind of euphemism used by ‘Beef Club’ as well. In the past, our own joker Praveena Pinto had made similar references. As I have always maintained before, majority of those who oppose BJP are hindu haters. And, majority of those who oppose RSS are Brahmana haters.

    Let’s put this in perspective. Yes – four dalits were beaten in distant gujarath. Nobody in right mind will support it. In fact, police are already going after the culprits and their assets. In fact, one of the guys who was involved in beating was a muslim!! Dalits all over India have all the right to be upset over this incident. I’m not surprised by the outrage by Dalit groups. However, I am astonished by how blindsided they are standing with wrong groups who are known for wiping out minority groups in their societies!! Very troubling.

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