Gilbert D’Souza is President of Newly launched Catenian Association

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Gilbert D’Souza is President of Newly launched Catenian Association

Gilbert D’Souza is President of Newly launched Catenian Association in Mangaluru, which has its head quarters in United Kingdom

Mangaluru: The international Grand President Brother David Rowley of Catenian Association inaugurated the 375 Circle in Mangaluru in very impressive ceremony held at Bejai church hall. Bro. Gilbert D’souza was installed as President; Bro. Elias Sanctis as Vice President, Bro. Anil Vas as Secretary and Bro. Marcel Monteiro as Treasurer. Other Board Members- Membership Extension Officer: Bro. Pramod Pinto; Chamberlain Extension Officer: Bro. Roger Pinto; Marshal Extension Officer: Bro. Alston D’Cunha; and Registrar Extension Officer: Bro. Felix Pinto

Soon after that all members were called by name and were inducted as members of Catenian. Programme was preceded by offering concelebrated Holy Mass by Reo. Fr. Wilson D’Souza, Parish Priest of Bejai. The UK delegation consisting of Bro. David Brinkley international secretary; Bro. John Rayer International Past President; Bro. Peter Purdue coordinator, with their family; and along with a special delegation from Goa consisting of 23 people attended the inauguration.

About Catenian Association:

The Catenian Association is a Roman Catholic lay society with 10,000 members (known as “brothers” in a number of English-speaking countries. It was founded in Manchester in 1908, through the initiative of Bishop Louis Charles Casartelli, Bishop of Salford, to encourage Catholic professional and business men to associate for mutual self-help, and to develop social and family bonds. Bishop Casartelli had a particular emphasis on Catholic Action.

The Catenian Association has its headquarters in Coventry, in the centre of England, and has branches (known as “Circles”) in the United Kingdom, Malta, Ireland, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, India, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. Grand Officers administer the organisation centrally, with the Grand Secretary being the chief administrative officer. In the countries where local Circles are few in number, there is an ‘Area’ administration system. In the United Kingdom and Australia, where the organisation is stronger, Circles are grouped into ‘Provinces’, with Provincial officers and administration. There are currently over 300 local Circles, grouped into 21 Provinces.

Each local Circle bears a name and number, the name being geographical, and the numbers being sequential in order of foundation. Each Circle is led by a President, assisted by Circle officers.The previous President has the title “Immediate Past President” and holds a special status as such. Each Circle also has a “Provincial Councillor” as official representative to the Province.

Catenianism basis itself on the practice of perfect charity whence flows all that is noble in men. The brothers strive to help one another as far as they can to happiness and prosperity, and should a brother suffer misfortune their concern is to aid him in full measure. Although a Catholic lay society, it has no political, ecumenical or theological objectives as an Association, but is more an Association of “Brothers” (as members are termed) who themselves are active in Catholic activities and building family bonds.

The Catenians are a brotherhood of men who practise the Catholic faith, which guides all that they seek to do. They have pledged themselves to a bond of fraternal love which links them to each other. ‘Catena’ is Latin for a chain, and the title ‘Catenians’ exemplifies the continuity of the brotherhood throughout the world. The brothers are proudly Catholic and as a brotherhood are non-political. They do not allow quarreling to mar their meetings, nor do they tolerate excesses in behaviour. The brothers seek to observe faithfully the obligations of life, to be charitable in judgment, forbearing in temper and slow to condemn.

They strive, if husbands, to be loving and trustworthy; if fathers, mindful of the moral and material well-being of their children and dependants; as sons, dutiful and considerate; as friends, steadfast and true. Brothers and their families meet socially to provide opportunities for the development of friendship and mutual support. As men of honour the brothers pledge themselves to discharge in spirit and deed their obligations, to strive to strengthen the fraternal love which animates the Brotherhood, and to aid and comfort a brother in difficulty or need. In this endeavour they rely always on the help of God, and pray to Saints Peter and Paul, and to St Thomas More, for strength of purpose. Catenians are particularly strong in their support for the widows of brothers.

The Association supports charitable and other good works in a number of ways. It has two chief charitable funds of its own – a welfare fund for the support of its own members and their families, and a bursary fund for external charitable support. Bursaries are available to young people who undertake voluntary work in the Third World. Funds are raised for a project to provide clean water in Africa. At local level, Catenians are active in their parishes, supporting Parish Priests and fellow parishioners. Above all the Catenian Association seeks always to strengthen family life through friendship and faith. The Circles of the Catenian Association usually meet once a month for discussion. There are a number of other social events, organised at local, provincial and national level.

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