Girl’s Suicide over Mother’s Rebuke in Friends’ Presence

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Girl’s Suicide over Mother’s Rebuke in Friends’ Presence

Bengaluru: The campus and students of Presidency College here were in a state of shock, when Sophia (19), a student of BBA was found hanging in her hostel room on Saturday afternoon.

Daughter of Stanley and Grands hailing from Kerala, who are residents of the city for 15 years, she was forced to stay in the Kempapura hostel as commuting between home in Electronics City and the college involved a lot of hassle and time.


Grands, Sophia’s mother, had arrived at the college on July 8 to pay the college fees. She did not find her in the class. The calls she made to her daughter were not received by her.

The worried mother went to the hostel, where she found Sophia sitting with her friends and chatting.

Grands was angry to see her staying away from classes and idling her time in the hostel. She is said to have reprimanded her for wasting her time and career.

The young girl was apparently hurt by her mother’s rebuke. Instead of going for lunch with her hostelmates, she went back to her room and ended her life by hanging herself.

When her friends returned, her room was locked from inside and was not opened even after several knocks.

The warden was informed. When the door was broken open, Sophia was found hanging.

A death-note was found in the room which read: “Though you both live in Bengaluru, you have left me alone. I’m living like an orphan though I have parents. I can’t bear this homelessness. Mother, you have failed to understand me. I wish you both all the best. No one is responsible for my death.”

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