Gau Rakshaks Kill BJP Activist in Kenjur, 18 arrested

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Gau Rakshak Kill BJP Activist in Kenjur, 18 arrested

Udupi: A BJP activist was brutally attacked and allegedly killed by the Hindu Jagarana Vedike members at Kenjur Brahmavar here on August 17 night.


The deceased has been identified as Praveen Poojary (29) a resident of Kenjuru. Another person, Akshaya Devadiga (22) has been severely injured and admitted to the hospital.

According to sources Ramesh, a resident of Kenjur had purchased four calves from a farmer in Mudduru. Praveen, who runs a chicken farm, also owned a Tata ace, mini truck. Praveen being in the neighborhood, Ramesh approached him to rent his mini truck for which, he readily agreed. Without even closing down his chicken farm, Praveen along with Ramesh and Akshay went to bring the four calves in his mini truck.

When the mini truck with calves in it reached near Kadike around 30-40 activists of the Hindu Jagarana Vedike stopped the vehicle and brutally assaulted Praveen and Akshay. Ramesh, the owner of the calves managed to escape from the scene. Later the activists dumped them near Praveen’s house. Some locals who gathered there shifted Praveen and Akshay to the hospital, where Praveen breathed his last. Akshay is now recovering in the hospital.

According to Akshay’s statement, the police have arrested 18 persons involved in the brutal murder of Praveen Poojary.

Pramod Madhwaraj district minister in-charge, Vinay Kumar Sorake former minister and MLA Kaup, Raghupathi Bhat former MLA, Arun Chakravarthi IGP western range, K T Balakrishna SP Udupi visited Praveen Poojary’s House and consoled the family members.

A case has been registered in Brahmavar Police station.

Speaking to Bajrang Dal Leader Sharan Pumpwell said, “BD activists are not involved in the crime. BD activists will never get to the extent of killing anyone. There are rumours spreading around in the media including the social media that the VHP and BD activists had killed Praveen Poojary which is far from the truth. Before spreading rumours, or publishing false news, one should clarify it”, he said.

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  1. This is a strange incident. A BJP activist killed by Hindu activists in his own town for trafficking cows? There is something wrong with this picture. I’m sure that real truth will come out soon.

    • This is a strange incident. A BJP activist killed by Hindu activists in his own town for trafficking cows? – Murudu Joker RampaNNA

      “Trafficking”? What are you tripping on ya Rampa? The report clearly states that a chap called Ramesh engaged the services of Praveen (deceased) to TRANSPORT 4 calves that he had legally purchased.

      This is exactly what happens when Saffron ‘fringees’ are given a free hand, or, the Centre covertly encourages such acts.

    • Mr. Paid what real truth you want in this incident? Are you supporting Hindu activist Killers?

      • Our Yumreeki RampaNNA skirts the ENTIRE issue of those “Hindu activists” murdering people – be it their own or otherwise. But then, WHAT else can one expect from a RSS chaddi?

        One can take Chaddi Rampa outta India
        But, never can one yank the Chaddi off ‘Yankee’ Rampa.

  2. In BJP ruled states which have passed laws against cow slaughter, many gau rakshaks are involved in extortion rackets. They prevent the the transportation of cows which have state approved paperwork if the do not receive a payment.

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