Go Rakshaks should start GoShalas in every Village – Madhwaraj

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Go Rakshaks should start GoShalas in every Village and protect cows – Madhwaraj

Udupi: The Udupi district minister in-charge Pramod Madhwaraj advised the groups who called themselves Go Rakshaks to start Go Shalas in every village and protect cows.

He was speaking to the media persons at the inspection Bungalow on August 20. He said that it was essential that these Go Rakshak groups realized that many farmers have small cowshed which cannot accommodate many cows and calves. After the cows became old and stop giving milk there is no place to keep them in their small cow sheds.


There is no point in beating and killing people who are transporting cattle without solving the main problem. The main problem can be solved by the cow protection groups by opening goshalas in all villages. They should appoint their members to take care of the old cows and calves.

Some youth are provoked by the speeches of their top leaders and attack people transporting cattle. After the assault, these same leaders of these vigilante groups disown these youth. Youth should think twice before joining such groups, he added.

Meanwhile, the police arrested three more persons on charges of killing the BJP activist.

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  1. So, RampaNNA, whenever you come down next to M’lore, would you open up a Go-shaaalaaa in your native village of Kuppedapadav or Yedapadav or Jalligudda or wherever?

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