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Don’t know what hurts worse. Deleting a name from the prayer list and putting them on the dearly beloved list.

Death is like a robber who comes without informing??..Life is present???living life and enjoying it, is present. It is a gift from God through parents???.present like birthday gift ???Everything that is present makes us happy???but everything that?s gone makes us sad???

But what?s worse???..living or dying??..when you are born, you don?t know that you will die???.and when you live and start understanding life ?you don?t want to die??.as one cannot define death??

One who dies??becomes immortal??..but the ones whom he leaves behind??..what can u say??..???
I think the worst impact is on people whom he leaves behind??.

I named this article as ?Godfather? as we lost our dear family friend on the unfaithful day, Thursday 23 August 2007. He was (infact he will remain) a godfather to our son, Adam.

To mention a little about this wonderful person?he was young, dynamic, best sportsman during college days ?and much more than a friend to my husband. He was always full of life and game for everything?always in a hurry to get things done. And so was his soul which left us hurriedly.

Leaving behind his wife and 2 angels??..he died due to cancer?..which was more faithful to him than life??.it passed through our strong prayers, wishes???.and hope which we did not lose till the very last minute even when he slipped into coma. We were told by the doctors that he will not see the morning of 23 Aug ???

We kept the phone by our side the previous night but did not get a call?.and so we wished there will be some miracle as God is greater than the human, doctor. But our happiness did not last long and later that morning came the news ?

I think God loved him more than us. Not wanting him to bear the pain of chemotherapy, called him into Heaven to stay with him forever???
I am sure he will guide his children & our son in presence of God??.and so will remain a Godfather.

We pray to the Lord Almighty, to give strength and courage to the immediate family of such a gentle & kind person who stayed with us for a short time?We all will miss him?

With deepest regret and sorrow,
Adam, Sonia & Earl

Author: Sonia Earl Joy- UAE

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