Goenkar/Minister Michael Lobo Graces Rare Feat ‘Aput’ the 200th Showbiz of Mandd Sobhann

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Goenkar/Minister Michael Lobo Graces  Rare Feat ‘Aput’ the 200th Showbiz of Mandd Sobhann

  • Hanv Saiba Polthodi/Mangaluru Voitham…Makha Saiba Vatt Dakoi…and he did find his way to Kodiyal, when Goenkar/Deputy Speaker og Goan Assembly Michael Lobo Graced the Rare Feat ‘Aput’ the 200th Showbiz of Mandd Sobhann on Sunday, 5 August at Kalaangan, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: All roads led to Kalaangan-Shakthinagar in Mangaluru for the mega event of the year named “APUT” means “PURE”, the 200 th programme of Mandd Sobhann, where a sea of music lovers, especially Konkani Speaking Mangaloreans, and mostly Catholics thronged the venue, under a well-protected pendal erected in case Mother Nature puts a spell in the form of heavy rains. But luckily it was a pleasant and perfect weather for an outdoor show, where everyone enjoyed the show and took home memories of one of the Best Show of Mandd Sobhann.

For the last 16 years and 8 months, Mandd Sobhann has been presenting Konkani performances of different troupes, on the first Sunday of every month, without a single break. The 200th Monthly Theatre programme will be presented on Sunday, August 5, 2018, at Kalaangann, Shakthinagar, Mangaluru, under the music direction of one and only music maestro Eric Ozario- the Gurkar of Mandd Sobhann, along with top musicians of international fame along with the best voices of Mangaluru, who presented a 2-hour non-stop musical treat, titled ‘APUTT – Mandd Sobhann Music’, which commenced right on dot, at 6:00 pm sharp.

According to Eric Ozario, who said, “Mandd Sobhann which translates to ‘beautiful platform,’ dawned in search of Konkani genres of music at Woodland Hotel auditorium on November 30, 1986. As times passed, Kalaangann, a unique building took shape to encourage the growth of art. However, there was a need to bring life in this building. I had the dreams of encouraging art and Louis J Pinto who had the capacity to make the dream a reality, decided to form a committee to hold ‘Mandd Sobhann Motiyaan’, a musical evening under the motto of ‘platform for art and encouragement to artistes’ on January 6, 2002.”

The great show began with various songs like – “Mandd Sobhann-Part I” sung by Eric Ozario, his wife Joyce, Prakash and Zeena; ” Suddsudde Renvecher” by Prajoth D’sa; “Amor Pikya” {Robin Sequeira}; “Az Hanv Vetam” { Dealle D’souza}; ” Ddaranv Ddaranv” { Aman/Gia}; “Anju” { Nihal Tauro}; “Ujya Vegent {Alwyn Fernandes}; “Hanv Vetam” {Adolf Jayatilak}; “Fatoddechya Kombyan” { Eric Ozario/Joyce Ozario}; ” Surya Gela Po’lto’ddi” {Shilpa Cutinha}; “Birnddam” { Jason Lobo/Sonal Monteiro}; “Rath Dees” { Prakash d’souza/Zeena Pereira}; ” “Chintam So’dam” { Cajetan Dias}; ” Makha Ko’llo’na” { Butto}; ” Mhozo Mogal Ganv” { Jacqueline Fernandes }; ” and “Mandd Sobhann-Part II {Eric and Joyce Ozario/Prakash/Zeena.

After the eight song it was time for a short formal programme where the chief guest of the evening, the Deputy Speaker of the Goan Assembly, Michael Lobo was escorted to the dais by Eric Ozario, Louis Pinto {President}, Stany Alvares-Coordinator; Arunraj Rodrigues-Treasurer and Naveen Lobo-PRO. Briefing little more about ‘Mandd Sobhann’ and its journey so far, Arunraj Rodrigues said, ” “Until now Mandd Sobhann has not received any financial help from the government nor from foreign countries, but with determination, commitment and earnestness we have accomplished our dreams, and now successfully hosting our 200th programme. The programme initially had entrance fee of Rs 30 and Rs 100 and was made free later. The audience could be counted on fingers. There were hurdles such as lack of transport facility to the outskirts of the city. Voluntary contribution by audience was introduced later. Mandd Sobhann maintained its strong stamp and protected discipline and continuity which enabled celebrations of its 25th, 50th, 100th and 150th episode. Today, this grand celebration of its 200th monthly theatre, it has the same enthusiasm in it.”

” A wide variety of art forms have been presented on this stage. Music, dramas, dances, skits, experiments in different drama forms such as jokes, Harikatha, Yakshagana, different forms of Lokaveda, variety entertainment, musical evenings in memory of elderly artistes, holy music, musical skits, dance skits, poetic film and dances, music songs jugalbandi and youth festivals have been presented. Elderly artistes have also performed here. Artistes from Siddi, Kudmi, Kharvi, Daldi, GSB, Saraswath, Gawde and Catholic communities from Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and foreign countries have obtained opportunities to present their art at Kalaangann. Thus Mandd Sobhann has taken the Konkani prestige to a higher level.” added Arunraj.

After being introduced by Goenkar Joy Fernandes, a honorary member of Mandd Sobhann from Goa, the chief guest of the day, Deputy Speaker of the Goan Assembly Michael Lobo, who had recently made headline news in media for his remarks, when he had demanded the opening of Goa meat complex, claiming that there is a huge shortage of beef in the state, he had said ”I want the Chief minister of Goa to tell me when Goa meat complex will start and whether there will be an interference from so-called ‘Gau Rakshaks’. I respect them but there are people in Goa in large numbers who eat beef. You cannot stop that:, and today while addressing the Mangalorean crowd, he in his jovial speech said ” I am happy to be with you all, the great and fun loving Konkani speaking people of Mangaluru”.

“Yes I am a great lover of art and culture, and the music by Mandd Sobhann is phenomenon. Therefore I invite Eric Ozario and his troupe to come to Goa and introduce this unique music among our Goan youth. Goa is a tourist destination, but the art, music and culture has been lost, with Goan youth imbibed to pub/club life and retro/Dj kind of music. They have lost the love for Goan traditional music, which is sad. And therefore I want to inculcate the true Goan music into our Goan youth. I know Eric Ozario has the charisma, determination and with his sacrifice towards Konkani music, can also bring a change in the Goan youth through Mandd Sobhann’s music” added Minister Lobo.

He concluded saying, ” I love Mangalorean Konkani, it is like pure Dudh {Milk}, more than our Goenchi Baas {Goan language}, where we kind of drag a little in our vocabulary. I love the Mandd Sobhann music very much. Therefore I whole-heartedly invite Eric Ozario and his team to come to perform for our Goan youth. I will extend my full support with help of other Goans, and will set up a date for a unique concert by Mandd Sobhann- and it will happen, if Eric and his gang make up their mind. I am extremely happy to be with you all. Let’s join together, Mangaloreans and Goans, thereby taking Konkani Baas to higher and greater heights. Long live Konkani Baas.

On the occasion the portrait of Late Lawrence Pinto, a humanitarian and great friend of Mandd Sobhann was unveiled, and also the souvenir of this 200th event was released by chief guest Michael Lobo. And to make Eric and Mandd Sobhann more happy, Chief guest Lobo donated a cash amount of Rs 1.5 lakhs for the activities and development of Mandd Sobhann, and he received a loud applaud for his kind generosity. The show was compered by “Sootro’dhars”-Titus Noronha and Arunraj Rodrigues. The musicians comprised of : Butto {Flute}; Manoj { Violin}; Cajetan { Keyboard}; Alwyn {Guitar}; Rajesh {Tabla}; Jerome { Bass Guitar}; and Sachin { Percussions}

Lyricists of “Aput” show were – Amar Chafra, Melwyn Rodrigues, Shridhar Kamath, Fred Kumar, Uday Mbembre, Aruna Kamath, Lloyd Rego, Yusuf Sheik and Jossy Pinto; and the tunes were composed by Eric Ozario. Following are the past 199 Titles of ‘Motiyan’ :

Mandd Sobhann Motiyan, Mickmax Night, Abraunchen Yajnadan, Rostad, Nach Nach, Ward number 6, Hari Katha, Rang Tarang Geethmala, Geeth Saurabh, Parikrama, Bhangar Monis, Goincho Suvad, Nanda Deep, Peris Night, Wilson Night, Karganathellen Dirven, Bhangralen Goin, Yaadi, Partha Sarathya, Cris Perichi Yaad, Maxim Night, Konkan Kharvi Darshan, Henry Night, Burgyalen Natal, 150ven Mand Sobhan, Oh My Love, Jesu Jivithachen Udak, Dakther Damyaon, Ek Asello Jerome, Teen Rathn, Sampradayik Gumtan Podan, Madhur Sanz, Goinche Sangeeth, Tho Maka Naka, Nach Nach Nach, Fokan Sobhan, Konkni Lok Kala Darshan, Bhakthi Katha and Mandd Sobhan, Piyega Piyega, Goa going gone;

Konkani Gazal, Chintnan Sobdan Karnen, Dirvyan Rupnen, Sumadhur, Sod top ten, Ek Sanz Mitrachi, Konkani Yuva Mahotsav, P H Pintochi Yaad, Goincho Parmal, Sangeeth Sangam, Jezu Bomvaricho Streeyo, Moga Manglura, Ankwar Mestri, Mankan Motiyan, Bongo, Ami Nathellya Velar, Ek Sanz Burgyanchin, Goin Gazotha, Konkani Mahotsav 2006, Shiviyo Roce, Country podan, Fashi, Radonk Melyan Ami Somesth, The Lulu show, Yuva Dabazo, Kon Tho Amcha Modlo, Bongo, Madhur Saanz, Shinv Zalen Gadaon, Patrao Night, Kon Ulaitha, Kepechin Kirnan, Konkani Mahotsav, Chalialen Sobhan, Dev Deta Then, Mankuli Mankan, 170ven Mandd Sobhan, Hashya Sobhan, Chintnan, Bokro, Naach Sambram, Kon Thun Anja, Yuva Sobhan;

O Bhai, Yuva Mahotsav, Sod 2 top ten, Bhakthi Sobhan/Karezmacho Kantigo, Amchin Balan Rangal Fulan, 171 ve Mondd Sobhan, Ajal, Ables, Bolpo, The Adolph show, Goin Shahir, Sorry wrong number, Geeth Parmal, Tuji Khushi Zaon, Krista Khatir, Sadhan Shembor, Goin Gaitha-Goin Nachtha, Burgyalen Sobhan, Pass, Eklo anyeklo ani Karmadhin, Bostu, Kombyak Shinga Ailyar, Thembe, Konkani Coral Fiesta, Major Baretto, Valencia Jubilee Night, Mog Ason, Jezu Rakno, Talentan, Kistu Puran, Madhur Saanz, Master Plan, Vallu Jilly Zindabad, Shetan Merer, Eksuri Bail, Kevin Misquith Saanz, Patholi Rook, Sod 3 international, Tulsi, Ek Saanz Kavi Melvinacha Manak, Asello eklo Chafra, Burgyalen Sobhan;

Goyen Gaitha, Pavsa Gammath, Melya Upranth, Goinchen Daaiz, Geeth Mandovi Zuvarichen, Bhuke Uzo, Dusri Jackson Night, Santa Kursache Kurven, Mister Jesus, He Raste Chukiche, Zalzalchin Nakthiran, Bomma, Murari Pooth MBBS, Konkni Niyal, Platform number 3, Sangeeth Saimbacho Khel, Kennis Musical Fiesta, Madthir Bhagath Singh, Hello uncle, Canute Night, Mando Fest, Ticket, Zalmilchin Taran, Padan Turo, Naach Bangara, Doremifa, Nimane 30 dees, Mogan Farik Karath, Konkani Lok Kala Darshan, Romeo Juliet, Prajoth D’Sa live, Sod-4, Salomi, Sangeeth Sunami, Sput, Rewind, Geeth Sangeeth, Ashadanthli Ek Saanz, Santanam, Ugad, Sumel, Sune Mazar Hasta, Sumadhur Saanz;

Haas and Naach, Eke Veshyechi Katha, Adaun ani Eve, Asmitai, Love letters, Bhas Konkani Raag Tarangani, Oh La Re, Paying guest, Antarastriy Sangeeth Divas, Mariola, Magirchen Magir, Poilo Sur, Ashen Zalen Kashen, Dev and Devnchar, Gulamachen Shinv, Konkni Sugandh, 1 + 1 = 1, Naad Ninaad, Ashelon, Yours obediently, Antarastriy Sangeeth Divas, Lar Night, Mha Kaal, Navrang, Awesome Sangeeth Saanz, Moksh Bhavan, Rakan, Jawad, Morichika, Lawrence Night, and forthcoming programme, Aput.

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