Going Eco-Friendly! Karnataka Agencies Launches All-Electric Mahindra e2oPlus in City

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Going Eco-Friendly! Karnataka Agencies Launches All-Electric Mahindra e2oPlus in City

Mangaluru: OUTSMART THE CITY -It’s going to take some time before our cities get more smarter. Don’t wait, take the first step today and switch to the all-electric e2oPlus – the city smart car for a ‘Smart City’ Mangaluru!. Designed to outsmart the chaos of city streets, the ever-increasing expenses, and the uncertainties of the road; the e2oPlus is a perfect city car for you. And its now available at Karnataka Agencies, 1-5-409/1, NH-17, Kottara Chowki-Mangaluru.

Sources reveal that on a full charge, the Mahindra e2oPlus can travel for up to 140 kms and can achieve a top speed of 85 kmph. Powered by the latest electric drive train technology from Mahindra Electric, the e2oPlus can effortlessly cruise through city traffic and drives Mahindra’s vision of the Future of Mobility. The tall-boy design and spacious interiors make for a compact city car that can comfortably seat four adults.

At the core of the e2oPlus is a collection of connected features that have been developed to make the car both easier and more enjoyable to drive and maintain. Whether it is planning a route, checking the health of the car, or remotely cooling the car, the e2oPlus seamlessly integrates technologies to offer functionality and is aptly designed for easy urban commuting.

At the launching ceremony held recently at Karnataka Agencies in Mangaluru, the welcome address was delivered by Santosh Rodrigues-the Managing Partner of Karnataka Agencies, where he mentioned that Karnataka Agencies was the first dealership across brands to bring electric mobility to Mangaluru. Chief guest for the occasion, Abdul Rehman founder of APD – Foundation ( Anti Pollution Drive) emphasized that it was the perfect time to introduce an alternate source of mobility that would help in improving the quality of air in the city. Suresh Kuttan of Mahindra Electric made a presentation on the key features of the vehicle-he also showcased the whole range of electric vehicles from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd which include the e2o Plus, eVerito, eSupro and eAlfa.

Other dignitaries present during the launching ceremony were -R C Rodrigues- CEO of Karnataka Agencies; Ratan Rodrigues-Partner-Karnataka Agencies; Suresh Kuttan-Country Head, Sales and Marketing-Mahindra Electric; Manish Kaushal-Regional Manager-Mahindra Electric; Debasis Mishra-Deputy Manager-Mahindra Electric; Seeli Suryaprakash Rao-Area Sales Manager-M & M; and Anil Sequeira- Head Sales-Karnataka Agencies


Hassle Free Drive:

– Regenerative Braking – This revolutionary technology (first in India) charges the battery of e2oPlus every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy it dispenses.

– Instant Torque – In the absence of a heavy engine or moving parts lagging the power output, the e2oPlus provides an instant torque to zoom with maximum momentum from the very minute its engines are cranked.

– REVive® – REVive® is a first in the world feature by Mahindra Electric. On the rare occasion that the car runs low on energy, REVive® can be activated to gain an extra 5-10 kms of range, to help the user reach home or the nearest charging station.

– Easy Home Charging – The e2oPlus can be easily charged through any normal 16 Amp plug point, making it highly convenient and easy.

– Small Turning Radius – With a small turning radius of 4.35m and electric power steering, the e2oPlus makes maneuvering the tough city traffic highly easy.

– Hill Assist – This feature assists in preventing the e2oPlus from slipping backwards or forwards on a slope, making it accelerate without any jerks.

– Reverse Camera – It assists to spot blocks, gauge distances, and unravel blind spots making it easy and convenient to reverse.

– Compact yet spacious – The e2oPlus has been designed smart with ample knee room, headroom and cabin space, making it versatile for families of all sizes.

Low expenses

– Low running costs – At just 70p/km, the e2oPlus beats almost all other cars on running costs.

– Direct Drive Transmission – The e2oPlus operates without a conventional gear box – which means no clutch. This translates to reduced mechanical losses resulting in maximum efficiency.

– Depreciation benefits – Self-employed and businesses can avail tax savings of close to Rs. 1.6 lakhs on purchase of the e2oPlus in the first year itself.

– Low maintenance – Fewer moving parts in the car accompanied by real time monitoring by Mahindra experts ensure glitch free driving and low maintenance.

– Government incentives – Government offers tax exemptions, subsidies and incentives to ensure low purchasing cost for electric vehicles like the e2oPlus.

Environmentally Friendly:

– Zero tail-pipe emissions

– Low carbon footprint

– Strong Connectivity

– Remote Diagnostics – The e2oPlus has 10 on-board computers that track around 196 performance and health related parameters to ensure that any possible snag is fixed as soon as it crops up.

– Regular Progress Reports – Car performance and driving patterns are analyzed to review the battery’s service requirements which help improve the vehicle’s overall performance.

– Charging Ports – The e2oPlus app informs on the nearest charging station in order to ensure a peaceful drive for the car through the city.

·- Smart Phone app connectivity – The e2oPlus app puts the car’s information and control in one’s smartphone. It allows one to lock/unlock the car, retrieve performance metrics and health metrics and draw charging schedules.

For enquiries contact : Peter Denston +91 7353761036 , smhiend@karagencies.com

About Karnataka Agencies:

Karnataka Agencies established in 1976 has enjoyed a very fruitful association with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Utility Vehicles in India it has been a great journey for Karnataka Agencies, since its inception. With sheer dedication and willingness to serve their customers better, Karnataka agencies in 1986 opened its First Showroom for Sale & Service of Mahindra Vehicles, to cater to customers in and around Mangaluru. It was not just the Performance or the Dedication and Willingness to serve but also their desire to be Customer Centric that in the year 1997 prompted M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd to offer two more Districts of Chikamagalur and Hassan where New Showrooms were opened for Sale & Service of Mahindra Vehicles.

Presently Karnataka Agencies have branches in 2 branches in Chikmagalur; 2 in Puttur; Udupi; Tarikere; Hassan; Channrayapatna; Kundapura and Sullia. Karnataka Agencies vision is to be a leader in the Mahindra vehicles by focusing on customers, their people, growth, innovation and efficiency. And for the benefit of NRI’s, they make it easy for one to gift a car in India to their loved ones. Under this program, people can buy or gift Mahindra Personal car / Commercial vehicle and book their favorite car from overseas and drive a new car straight to home when you reach Airport.

Karnataka Agencies have different Service location where you can have your car serviced by their experienced Technicians. They use the most modern equipment and well trained technicians to provide their customers with the best quality of workmanship possible. Adequate quantity of spares/parts is kept at the workshops to ensure that they can deliver the cars as soon as possible. The facilities provided are -Computerized wheel alignment; Computerized wheel Balancing; Modern paint booth; Auto color paint; mixing system; A/C Robinair; and Major accident repairs. Value added services such as exterior paint protection, interior fabric cleaning and engine/under chassis protection is also undertaken.

Address: 1-5-409/1, Nh-17, Kottara Chowki, Ashok Nagar Post, Mangaluru-575006
Hours: Open today · 9AM–5PM
Phone: 0824 245 7881

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  1. Mangalore and Udupi Districts have a virtual power outage
    epedimic, and therefore, unless the people in authority
    make efforts to ensure 24x7x365 days proper power supply,
    the Electric car will not attract local car lovers. Then again,
    the MESCOM is forever increasing the electric rates, and the
    government is forever increasing the tax and other surcharges.

    The traffic chaos cannot improve just because this TATA car
    runs on batteries. A car is a car, it and it defeats the volume
    of vehicles on the road, that are not engineered to absorb the
    present volume nor the future volume.

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