Going…Going…GONE! Collector’s Gate Canara Bank Razed to make Way for Commercial Complex

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Going…Going…GONE! Collector’s Gate Canara Bank Razed to Make Way for Commercial Complex

Mangaluru: For decades the Canara Bank, Collector’s Gate, near Balmatta Circle, Mangaluru stood as a milestone as one of the oldest banks, serving customers in the 80s and 90s’- and later when the bank grew, with more customers adding, there was not enough parking for the customers to park their vehicles, since the area becomes too congested/crowded during peak hours- and eventually the Bank closed and shifted. The name Collector’s Gate is because the residence/bungalow of Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner is located nearby, on the road, right behind Hotel Prestige/Diesel Cafe/Bollywood Adda.

As years went by a blueprint for the beautification and development of Collectors Gate Circle located in the city’s heart was prepared. As per the plan, the old building was decided to be demolished, as it was blocking the development. This old bank building at the circle and the corporation had found it impossible to acquire this building for the expansion of the circle. Even though the road from Ambedkar Circle to Collectors Gate was widened, the road leading to Bendorewell from Collectors Gate Circle was narrow near the circle with space for only a bus to move. In the past, the corporation had not engaged the owner of the private building in a conciliatory talk and therefore the road was not expanded. For the police, handling the dense traffic at the circle in the morning and again in the evening had become a tough task.


The Old Collector’s Gate Canara Bank Building

In the past, this building which housed the Canara Bank branch, was later shifted a few years ago, this building was lying vacant and it looked like a dilapidated building because of non-maintenance. They were trying to find a suitable buyer, as over 300 works all over the city were pending because of court cases, and emphasis was being laid on getting things done through mutual understanding. Lots of discussions were underway with the building owner for the construction of the building by leaving setbacks and MCC had also offered a TDR facility. Finally, talks with the building owner were in progress and he had agreed to cooperate with development works.


Now that the Bank building has been acquired by a new builder/developer, a new Commercial Complex/Residential Apts will come up. A portion of the land will be given to MCC on both sides (road going to Bendore, and road going to Bendorewell)- and the demolition process is in full swing, and soon the work on the construction of a state-of-the-art Commercial Complex will commence.  In the meantime, the commuters waiting for their buses near the site have to bear the brunt of inhaling dust and construction debris.

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