Going Organic

Going Organic

Hello everyone! My name is Amoghavarsha. I am a Grade 6 student and I am writing this article because I want to spread awareness about Organic food among kids like me. Organic is a trending word now and you might have heard about it. If you haven’t, then you must be wondering what organic food is. Let me explain.

Organic food is much more different than the food we normally eat. The food which we normally eat is called ‘Conventional Food’.

You might have heard our teachers saying that most of the farmers in the world use the conventional method of farming where they use insecticides and pesticides to grow them, which is not good for our health. Maybe no effects are seen right now, but it may cause major problems later in life.

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We are all aware of junk food; for example – burgers, pizzas, fizzy drinks etc. They are processed food items, which has no good nutrients nor vitamins in them. Unlike conventional food, junk food might cause you diseases straight away (i.e. if you eat too much of it). They are much worse than conventional food. They may be tempting, but we should avoid them as much as possible.

Finally, we come to our topic, organic food. Organic food is just the right type of food we should eat. Neither there are any insecticides or pesticides, nor any hormones or antibiotics in them. They are grown with natural fertilizers without the usage of any synthetic chemicals. Dairy products like milk are produced by livestock who are fed with natural, hormone-free food and are bred in an outdoor environment so that the animals are happy too. It is good for the environment as well, as it doesn’t pollute the air, water or land.

The organic way of farming is expensive than conventional farming, so the produce tends to be pricier too. But more and more farmers are getting into organic farming, so the organic products are becoming affordable. We can adapt as many organic products as we can afford to and avoid most junk products in our day-to-day life. This will give significant health benefits to us. Now there are many organic farms in India and UAE, from whom we can buy locally grown vegetables and fruits which are very fresh and hence tastes even better.

If we adopt organic food products like rice, pulses, vegetables and fruits, as much as possible in our day- day-day meals, our immunity increases, and we do not fall sick often. My mother introduced the organic way of eating in our family, because of which I can now confidently say that all of us in our home are much healthier and stronger now.

These days we read about lots of cases of cancer for which the root cause could be the harmful chemicals in our food. Organic lifestyle could be the right answer to avoid such dangerous diseases.

So, friends, I urge you all to inform your parents about organic products and adapt them. With this, we would not only emerge as a strong younger generation but also would be contributing our bit in preserving our environment.

Remember ‘Health is Wealth’!








Amoghavarsha Bhat
Grade 6,
DPS Sharjah

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Mahesh Vishwanath

Wow! That was quiet an organic write up…so thoughtful and healthy…

Great stuff!

Keep going..

Rahul Krishnan

Nice Article, well written

Mohammed Azizullah Imran

Very true, good article, keep it up 👍