Good Mothers Pioneer Healthy Society – Bishop

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Good Mothers Pioneer Healthy Society – Bishop Gerald Lobo

Udupi: A good mother pioneers healthy society and nation building, said Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi Diocese. He was speaking after inaugurating Mothers’ Day celebrations held at St Mary’s School, Kannarpadi here, on May 9.

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“A mother’s love cannot be valued. A mother of virtue teaches her children to lead a blissful life filled with love and prayer. A nation and also a community are always nourished by a mother.”

Dr Judi Pinto, former vice-principal of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru said that mothers are known for their patience. They love their children, bending all rules. Mothers should live a dignified life so as to become models to their children, she added.

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Fr Chetan Lobo, Spiritual Director of Diocesan Family Cell said that a mother feels the pulse of her children, she teaches them virtues and good values. A mother’s love is the binding factor in nourishing children towards becoming good citizens.

Three churches Kuntalnagar, Thottam and Kolalgiri were honored for highest participation in the programme. Four mothers symbolically inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. More than 900 mothers from 50 churches of the diocese participated in the programme.

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Msgr Baptist Menezes (Vicar General of the diocese), Fr Lawrence D’Souza (Secretary CESU), Fr Denis D’Sa (PRO), Alphonse D’Costa (Secretary of Diocese pastoral council), Fr Fredrick D’Souza (parish priest of Thottam), Fr Fred Mascarenhas (Dean of Udupi Deanery), Eugene Quadras, Leslie Aroza (director of Family Commission Udupi Diocese) were present.

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