Good Samaritan Sharat Kumar pays Medical Bills of Needy and Rescues Accident Victims


Good Samaritan Sharat Kumar pays Medical Bills of Needy and Rescues Accident Victims

Mangaluru: This young entrepreneur offers monetary help for needy people who can’t afford to pay medical bills during the time of emergency, and he has been doing this service for the last 16 years, spending over few lakhs. And this young man is not rich, nor we are talking about Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani. We are talking about Sharath Kumar Thokkuttu, hailing from Thokkuttu, in the outskirts of Mangaluru. “The first thing I look for news in media if any needy persons are seeking help to pay for their emergency medical expenses. Then I contact them and offer them monetary help for their medical expenses” said Sharath.

Sharath, not only offers financial help to these needy people, he even transports accidents victims from the accident site to the hospital or to their homes, if they deny hospital treatment. “Once I even picked up a young man involved in a bike accident, tied him to my back with a rope, and took him to his house which was about five kilometres, since he wanted to see his family first, before admitting him to the hospital”, recalls Sharath. Till this day, Sharath has rescued over 250 accident victims, by quickly transporting them to a nearby hospital or nursing home.

For his community service, the District Administration on the 70th Independence Day celebration at Nehru Miadan-Mangaluru felicitated him with “Jeevan Rakshak Award” for shifting accident victims to hospitals within the Golden Hour, which is the First hour after an accident. Speaking about the Award, Sharath says, “Receiving that Award meant a lot to me. I was fully overwhelmed when I received the award in front of a huge gathering. The credit for getting that award doesn’t go fully to me, because I am just a facilitator. Few of my friends and public have also played a vital role, for me to get the award”.

After completing his degree in a evening college, Sharath took up training in a self-employment camp organized by RUDSETI-Ujire, and this helped him open a small mechanical shop in Bajpe-Mangaluru. He travels back and forth from his house in Thokkuttu, to his business in Bajpe daily inn his car. Apart from community service, he had also ventured into the production of a Kannada music album ” Preeti Hejje”, under the banner of his Charitable Trust named ” Shri Manjunatah Charitable Productions”. The objective of the album was to use the funds from the sale of music album towards his philanthropic services.

But unfortunately, due to certain reasons, including shortage of funds, the completion of the album was stopped-but people can still donate funds to his Charitable Trust account, where the Bank details are furnished at the end of this article. The Trust with the help and assistance of Donors and associations has already provided books and scholarships to the needful poor students and provided financial assistance to the poor patients and also provided financial help for the unmarried poor girls for their marriage.

Sharath says that by seeking help from government and donors, his trust is willing to undertake projects like: Continue to provide Scholarship and other assistance to the poor students in the coming years; Continue to provide medical assistance to the poor and helpless people who are suffering from Cancer, AIDS, and other Chronic diseases; Continue to help the poor unmarried girls for their marriage expenses; and financial expenses for the proposed old-age home/orphanage coming up soon.

Sixteen years ago, when he decided to start his community service project, he along with his friend Yashwin, who is also an entrepreneur raised a whopping Rs 45 lakhs for a blood cancer patient in Kulai. “After reading about this cancer patient in a Kannada newspaper that the family is seeking help for medical expenses, I approached the family members, where I learnt that their daughter affected with cancer needs Rs 45 lakhs for the treatment. Though the family’s appeal for financial aid in newspapers got no response, I personally handed over a small amount of money and left their house without saying a word extra”.

Later Sharath and his friends started a fundraising campaign having set up camps at various places, getting also permission from the concerned authorities and police for the camps, and thus they were able to raise the required funds of Rs 45 for the cancer victim. “The parents of this cancer girl thought that I would never see them again, but they were surprised when I visited their house and handed over a cheque for Rs 45 lakhs,” said Sharath. In yet another case, a baby with atrial septal defect {a hole in the heart} which required Rs 1.5 lakh for the treatment by the baby’s father, was also helped by me Sharath and his friends. And in 2008, Sharath says that he almost risked his life to save people from a burning house.

Sharath has also arranged blood for needy patients, with help from his friends. Recalling an instance, while he was transporting a car accident victims in Kavoor-Mangaluru, he said that he came close of being accused as a thief by the police. But the public prevented his arrest saying that the money of the victims was not stolen but was removed for safekeeping. Sharath, still a bachelor, says that his three brothers, and his dad, Padmanabha, and mom, Sumathi have always supported him in his social service and have admired him for his never-give-up kind of attitude.

Through our portal, Sharath Kumar Thokkuttu want to convey his message stating that, “Even though I have the shortage of money to take forward my project, but I cannot stop myself from doing what comes naturally to me. I have already purchased a 73 cents plot in Mudipu, where I am planning to build an orphanage.shelter home for the poor, for which I request generous people to come forward and lend their helping hand. Without funds, I am on the brink of abandoning my dreams. But I am hopeful that my friends and ardent readers of will support me in my orphanage project so that we all can make a difference and put miles of smiles of the needy homeless people and also the poor”.

Donors who would like to contribute to the ‘Shree Manjunatha Productions Charitable Trust {Regd} can do so by transferring funds to:

SB Account No: 02472200025297
Name of the Account: Shree Manjunatha Productions Charitable Trust, Mangaluru
IFSC Code: SYNB0000247
Syndicate Bank, Bajpe Airport Road, Kenjar Branch, Mangaluru: 574142

To be a member of this TRUST, you can call: 0824-2251999; 7829481999; or you can contact Sharath at – 9148824059

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