Got Thene! Farmer Herbert D’Souza offers Free Paddy Stalks for Ganeshotsava

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Got Thene! Farmer Herbert D’Souza offers Free Paddy Stalks for Ganeshotsava

Got Thene! Farmer Herbert D’Souza and his wife Freida from Jeppinamogeru, Mangaluru offer Free Paddy Stalks for Ganeshotsava

Mangaluru: Being Catholic, Herbert D’Souza and his wife Freida from Jeppinamaogaru, Mangaluru, not only offer Free paddy stalks during the Catholic harvest fest aka “Monthi Fest”, but also create communal harmony by offering “Thene” (Fresh paddy stalks) during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. As part of the ritual during Ganesh Chaturthi where ‘thene’ is distributed along with prasadam to thousands of devotees at various ‘Sarvajanika Ganeshotsavas’ – the devotees should be thankful to this Good Samaritan couple, Herbert and Freida D’souza, because these fresh paddy stalks are picked from their backyard farm in Jeppinamogaru. And they have been doing this favour for the last 14 years, and they never charge anything for the paddy stalks.

Herbert D’Souza, aged 57, has been a Good Samaritan by donating new paddy stalks to various churches during Monti fest, and to various temples during Ganesh Chaturthi – and absolutely free of charge. Even if people offer him money, he refuses to accept it. That’s has been the nature of Herbert for the last two decades. Living with his wife Freida, he is a proud father of two children. Herbert who has been doing cultivation on the two acres of ancestral property has allotted 20 cents of it exclusively to grow paddy (Kharif Crop) which he supplies free of cost during these two fests. And speaking to, Herbert said, ” People have come to my house as far as Vittal, Puttur, Uppinangady and other far off places to collect the paddy stalks. Even though I have spent nearly Rs 10-12 thousand on raising this Kharif crop, I don’t charge a paisa for the paddy stalks. Since both, me and my wife work in the field, we are saving cost on labor”

He further said, “Many years my family used to grow sugarcane, cucumber, chillies and other vegetables – but since it was quite hectic I concentrated more on sand mining business. But I still do some cultivation on our land here and there. But I never miss growing paddy on the 20 cents land exclusively to be supplied to churches and temples, thereby continuing my good old tradition. Many temples and churches offer me rewards, but I am very reluctant in accepting them. I only ask the deities to pray for me and also for my family. Prayers keep me strong and going. I don’t want anything else.”

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“Since Ganesh Chaturthi feast has come early this year (usually the feast falls in the month of September), I had planted the ‘Kaje Jaya’ variety of paddy well in time in the month of May for this feast, and now we have fresh paddy stalks which are around three months and 15 days old. Since I come from a family with a farming background working on the farm is just a piece of cake. I love what I am doing, and will continue doing it. I am happy that many neighbours and volunteers help me in sowing seeds and in the cultivation work in the field. I will not give up this work aimed at a good cause, and will continue as far as my health permits me,” added Herbert, who was limping with a bad leg due to a recent accident.

Apart from cultivation, Herbert also gives Ayurvedic medicine for Jaundice, a remedy which was invented by his father – and he says, that the Ayurvedic medicine has shown very good results in patients suffering from jaundice. Apart from being a Good Samaritan, Herbert is active in Congress Party, being a former board member of Congress South Block. He is also the former Vice President of Youth Congress. He has also served as a Gurkar at Cascia Church, Mangaluru. He also owns a few fishing boats, which he lends them out for immersing idols of Lord Ganesha in the Nethravathi river. And this year for his kind gesture, Jeppinnamogaru Ganeshotsava Samithi has printed Herbert’s name/photo in their souvenir- and also many other committees visit his house with sweets and prasadam with gratitude for his help rendered during Ganesh Chaturthi feast.

Lord Ganesha will surely bless Herbert D’souza and his family for his dedicated community service during Ganeshotsava, and for creating communal harmony.

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  1. Hats off to you for your love for farming and to keep our communities’ needs entrenched in your mind. This is how our Kodyal was and should always remain so for generations to come. You reminded us of our elders (great grand fathers and mothers) who had never taught us about caste. Everyone in the village was a family. As a Little boy, I remember, my neighbours (Hindu) would not eat their Krishnastami meal without my family being a part of the celebration.

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