Gretta Pinto Re-elected President of DCCW

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Gretta Pinto Re-elected President of Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

Mangaluru: The election for the office bearers of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women for the year ‘2024 – 2027’ was held at the Bishop’s house on April 9.

The proceedings of the meeting began with an invocation. Spiritual director Fr Francis blessed the program. President Gretta Pinto welcomed the members and thanked everyone for making the AGM a grand success.

Secretary Noreen Pinto read out the minutes of the previous meeting held in January. The President asked the opinion of the members about the AGM, and all the members congratulated the President for systematically organizing the AGM.

The 76th birthday of former President Terry Pais was celebrated by cutting the cake. Fr Francis congratulated and wished Terry Pais on her 76th birthday. Briefing about the history of Birthdays, Fr Francis said, “Birthday celebrations started in Ancient Egypt, where large celebrations were held for the Pharaoh. The first birthday celebration took place somewhere around the year 3,000 BCE. The birthday song was written by the siblings Mildred and Patty Hill in the year 1890”.

Fr Francis further said, “Today Terry Pais is celebrating her 76 birthday, and I pray for good health for her. We should all be united to make any organization successful. Whenever you serve any organization, serve it with good intentions and be service-minded. I wish you all the very best”.

Assistant Professor and Head of Department Eveleen Benis, was felicitated for her support towards DCCW.

Election for the President and Vice President for the year ‘2024 – 2027’ was held on April 7 at Roshni Nilaya during the AGM. Gretta Pinto was unanimously elected President for the second term.

The elected members of DCCW for the years 2024 to 2027:

Gretta Pinto           – President
Lynette Castelino  – Vice President 
Violet Pereira        – Secretary 
Neena D’Souza      – Joint Secretary 
Leena Fernandes   – Treasurer 
Sylvia  D’Souza      – PRO 

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  1. Dear Gretta, Lynette, Violet, Neena, Leena and Sylvia Congratulations to the new DCCW. As a life member always ready to extend my support in all your activities.

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