Gudaibiya: Mega ‘Tulunadu Food Festival – ATIL’ Marks Decennial of Mogaveers Bahrain

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Gudaibiya: To mark the decennial celebration of Mogaveers Bahrain organized Mega food festival, ‘Tulunadu Food Festival – ATIL’ , at Indian Club located in Gudaibiya recently.

This great food festival of Tulunadu which is being conducted right from the formation of the Association with the event-title ‘ATIL’ is one of the most primary programmes of Mogaveers Bahrain. It is also one of the most meaningful programme that is being celebrated among Tulu-Kannada community of Bahrain with their greater appreciation. Like in previous food festivals, varieties of mouthwatering traditional home recipes of homeland were exhibited and tasted. Moreover, country style fun-games that suit the festival were also organized.

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This time also, besides more than hundreds of tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, traditional yummy dishes and snacks and variety of sweet snacks and foods of homeland played big role in this mega food fair. Lip-smacking seafood delicacies of coastal region were the primary attraction. Huge variety of these foods satisfied the desire of the people who attended the food festival in expectation of having flavorsome mother-made recipes. Many people participated and enjoyed the various amusing games.

In the beginning of the programme, the President of the Association Leeladhar Baikampady welcomed the gathering and delivered the introductory speech. The Vice President Sharmila Bhaskar Kanchan greeted the invitees and extended her best wishes for the success of the food festival. Vittal Suvarna, the senior member inaugurated the food festival by breaking the coconut as a traditional ritual. Later, as per Tulunadu culture, under the leadership of Sunanda Seetharam Puthran, the female members of the Association inaugurated the food exhibition and enjoyment of delicious food varieties by serving various dishes on banana leaf tip and offered them to mother nature symbolically.

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Thereafter, huge number of the audience who had gathered were invited to view the food items and enjoy them. All who had gathered there were very much satisfied with the arrangement of providing variety of tasty food and organizing the long-forgotten fun-games. Many people who had gathered expressed their appreciation. Some variety of fresh vegetables and raw fish were also exhibited during this food festival. At the end, auction of all those items was held in traditional style. People from neighboring Saudi Arabia were also invited for the grand food festival and participated in the celebration happily which was conducted successfully.

General Secretary Rajesh Mendon and the Entertainment Secretary Suresh Amin worked hard to organize this festival successfully. Chandra Mendon, Puneeth Puthran and Padmanabh Kanchan also extended special co-operation for organizing the festival. Pradeep Mulki, Nagesh Naik, Manohar Hejmady, Theertha Suvarna and Suresh Salian also helped to conduct the event smoothly.

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President of the Association Leeladhar Baikampady delivered the vote. Prasad compered the programme.


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  1. On behalf of Muscat Mogaveers…Congratulations to Mogaveers Bahrain. Keep up the good work. Mr. Leeladhar Baikampady and his team are doing an excellent community service. All the very best to all your future programs. Kudos to the organizing team. Thanks to M.Com for uploading the article.

    Koni Prakash Naik, Muscat
    Vice President, Muscat Mogaveers (MM Koota)

  2. Congratulations to Mogaveers Bahrain. All the best to you. I feel I see my friend, Mr. Kiran Kumar, in the third photograph. When I was in Manama, Mr. Kiran Kumar had been to our premises and we had a good time togther. I will cherish those memories and will be filled with nostalgia when I think of those days I spent with interesting and bubby personalities.

  3. Appreciated Mogaveers Bahrain for organizing such a wonderful Mega Events well done guys keep going.

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