Gujarat Model will not Work in Demonetization of Notes – Pramod Madhawaraj

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Gujarat Model will not Work in Demonetization of Notes – Pramod Madhawaraj

Mangaluru: “Gujarat model will not work while demonetizing of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency. This is like going after the cat when a dog has bit you. While demonetizing Rs 500 and 1000 notes, the government should have thought about it and taken precautions. The Rs 100 note which is in great demand may have been finished in no time. But by bringing the currency of Rs 2000, people are unable to buy anything. If you go to the market with a Rs 2000 note to purchase items worth Rs 300, how will the shopkeeper give back the change? Automatically people will lose the power to buy things. Only if the people have the power to spend there will be economic growth, money that cannot be spent will remain as a piece of paper”, said the minister for sports and youth affairs Pramod Madhwaraj during an interaction with the journalists at the press club here on November 16.

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Addressing the mediapersons Pramod said, “In Mangaluru, the third phase of the port development work has been delayed because of the delay in funds from the Union government, Rs 32 crore funds are pending from the Union government. The state government is depending on the Union government funds of Rs 32 crore, but so far we did not receive the funds. When I had met the Union fisheries minister he had assured to release Rs 10 crore very soon. As soon as we receive the funds from the Union government we will start the work, we can complete at least 50% of the work. I have already sent the file to the finance department to release Rs 1 crore so that at least the third phase of the work will be started.

Football Turf Pitch in Mangaluru

Minister Madhwaraj said, “Rs 1 crore, has been sanctioned for the Football turf pitch and Rs 25 lakh has already been transferred to the DC’s office to start the work. Earlier there was a land issue but now the issue has been cleared. I have now given the green signal and the turf pitch will be done soon.”

Yemmekere swimming pool

Earlier the original estimate for the Yemmekere swimming pool was Rs 4.99 crore but now the revised estimate is Rs 12.5 crore. To control overestimation, I will form a Technical committee with three retired honest executive engineers and two professors from Belgaum and Gulbarga. The committee will go through the estimate and future planning. The estimate for the Swimming pool according to an expert to construct an Olympic standard swimming pool will not cost more than Rs 2.5 crore but we are spending Rs 5 crore for a small swimming pool. We have sent back the file for reestimation, if it is within Rs 5 crore, I can release some funds to start the swimming pool construction work.

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  1. Demonetization does not need a economic model to make it work. Modi needed to put an end to the economic ills of black money as promised and what is the problem with all politicians who oppose his move. Either you Congressmen don’t want him to succeed or you must have bundles of black money hidden. Take a deep breath and think positively if you want a sound sleep.

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