Gujarati film ‘Bey Yaar’ completes 50 weeks in theatres

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Mumbai, Aug 8 (IANS) “Bey Yaar”, an urban Gujarati film, directed by Abhishek Jain, has completed 50 weeks of theatrical run.

The Cineman Production’s film completed 50 weeks of its run in cinemas on Friday.

The film, which started on a small note with mere 62 shows per day in Gujarat and five shows per day here, ended up reaching 111 shows per day in Gujarat and 44 shows per day here.

It has also made waves in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, New Zealand, Belgium, Dubai, Muscat, Kenya, Tanzania, San Fransisco, New Jersey and Britain where it was shown theatrically.

Excited about the response that the film received, Jain said in a statement: “There are a few occasions when a film runs for so long. I am glad that ‘Bey Yaar’ could sustain the run and all the credit goes to the Gujarati people.

“They have loved the film, owned it and have spread the word. They are part of this movement where Gujarati cinema is revisited and attempts are made to revive it.”

“Bey Yaar” features Darshan Jariwala, Manoj Joshi, Divyang Thakkar and Pratik Gandhi.



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