Gwen Stefani loves sleeping

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Los Angeles, June 1 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani says she loves sleeping and would like to spend all day in bed if she could.

Asked how she would spend her perfect day, Stefani, 45, told Elle magazine: “I’ve always loved sleeping. Even in my twenties, I would be like, ‘Oh my God! We are playing at midnight?’ So my perfect day would be sleeping in and falling back asleep as many times as possible without an alarm.”

Stefani says her life is much more chaotic these days, as she is juggling her music career and fashion line with being a judge on the US show “The Voice”, and she dreams of fleeing to Morocco, reports

“I’m definitely a tea girl – PG Tips. I could drink tea all day long. As for breakfast, Gavin (husband) and I once travelled to Morocco and stayed in this little riad.

“They would make these pancakes that were almost like crepes, but drizzled in honey. I fantasise about them, about having the children there, eating those pancakes surrounded by the trees and chameleons and other crazy-cool animals.”

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