Gwyneth Paltrow loves French fries

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Los Angeles, April 5 (IANS) Actress Gwyneth Paltrow says she loves French fries and could eat it everyday if she could.

“I don’t believe you should rule out any kind of food. I believe in enjoying life. I’m not a good dieter and since I’ve had kids, I have loosened up a lot. My favourite ‘bad food’? French fries. I would eat them at every meal if I could,” Paltrow told You magazine, reports

The 43-year-old star says she is “realistic” when it comes to allowing her children any treats, so long as they balance them with “healthy” options.

“You can’t tell them, ‘No Coke, no cake’. It is not realistic. Their favourite foods are pasta and french fries. It’s about trying to augment that with something healthy,” she said.

Paltrow says food is incredibly important to her.

“Food means everything to me. When you walk into a kitchen and smell something simmering on the stove, you get a sense of home. Food creates a feeling of togetherness and nourishment,” she said.

Iggy Azalea raids Demi Lovato’s fridge

Los Angeles, April 5 (IANS) Rapper Iggy Azalea has joked that she likes to raid her best friend and singer Demi Lovato’s fridge when she runs out of groceries.

“Demi is awesome and it’s so cool we live so close to each other because I can just roll down to her house and knock on her door and harass her and eat her food in her kitchen when I don’t have any groceries,” Azalea told

But Azalea didn’t have anyone alongside her as she closed the iHeartRadio Music Awards here at The Forum with her latest song “Team”.

The Australian rapper had said she was “nervous” about performing without a fellow artiste, and that she was concentrating on herself after a “turbulent” 2015.

“Everybody knows, it’s no secret, I had a bit of a turbulent 2015. I wanted to not breeze over that. I wanted to acknowledge how I felt about it, and I just wanted to say, ‘You know what? I think it’s fine if everybody doesn’t support me because I am a believer in myself.’

“My motto is just like the song says, ‘I got me.’ Just have your own back. I think we worry a lot about people liking our pages or how many followers we have, and you just gotta worry about your own thing,” she said.

Azalea’s performance was her first since a video leaked online showing her fiancée Nick Young admitting to his Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell that he cheated on her.

Mick Jagger to be Ronnie Wood’s daughter’s nanny

Los Angeles, April 5 (IANS) Singer Mick Jagger has told his The Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood that he will be a nanny to his twin daughters next year.

Wood will become a father for the fifth time when his wife Sally Humphreys gives birth this summer, and the guitarist has started calling his friend “Nanny Mick” after Jagger’s offer, reports

“The Rolling Stones are all thrilled. Keith loves kids, so he’s excited, and Mick keeps telling me to give him a year and then he’ll be our nanny. So now we’re calling him Nanny Mick,” Wood told HELLO! magazine.

“Everyone is thrilled for me. The Stones are one big family. It’s all about the kids. In this tour everyone’s been there: (Mick’s children) Jade, Karis, James, Lizzy, Gabriel, Lucas and Georgia May; Patti and Keith’s girls (Theodora and Alexandra) and Charlie’s granddaughter Charlotte.

“My girls will be two more added into the mix. I hope my girls will be coming on tour with me for years to come,” he added.

Nicole Kidman is a good gambler

Los Angeles, April 5 (IANS) Actress Nicole Kidman’s husband Keith Urban thinks his wife is a “very good” gambler, but she says she is very cautious.

“She’s very good. She’s disciplined,” he said.

However, the 48-year-old actress says she is always cautious with her money and only bets “a little amount”.

“Well I’m not very good. I have a little amount of money, I go and bet that and then I’m done. I’m that kind of gambler, I’m not going to bet the house,” Kidman told

The actress adores her husband’s “passion” when it comes to his work.

She spoke about the 48-year-old star’s upcoming LP, and said: “It is such a crazy good album.

“I’ve been living with all the songs — and even the songs that didn’t make the album. I’ve seen the work he puts into it and the love. He’s a musician, so every little tiny detail is all him, and I love that. I love that he’s passionate about his music.”

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