Handy ways of keeping hands, feet youthful 

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New Delhi, May 28 (IANS) Hands often give away the age of a person, but that doesn’t mean you avoid your feet. Take care of both as they are as important as your face, says an expert.

Atika Sachdeva, co-owner of hand and feet care spa Selfie, suggests how:

* Cover your hand and feet with sunscreen because they are as important as your face.

* Apply a mixture of glycerine and rose water or lemon on your heels to make them soft and smooth.

* For cracked heels, take lukewarm water in a tub, add some salt and vaseline to it. Dip your feet in the mixture for half an hour and clean your feet with a pumice stone.

* Before going to bed, apply heel cream for the whole night.

* In summer, fungal infections are common so keep your feet clean and use a medicated powder.

* You can beautify your hand and feet by mixing two tablespoons of baby oil or olive oil with sugar. Make a paste out of it and gently rub it on your hands and feet for some time. Rinse it with water.

* Rub petroleum jelly and castor oil on your nails and then buff them with cotton to give an amazing shine. Massage your nails to keep them strong and prevent from breakage.

* Apply cuticle oil around your nails at least once a week as it will saturate the skin around the nail and moisturise it.

* Get a regular hand and foot massage to relax the tired muscles and increase the blood flow. It also helps to avoid wrinkles.


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