Hardcore PM Fan from Kudla Quits Job in Australia to Vote for Narendra Modi

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Hardcore PM Fan from Kudla Quits Job in Australia to Vote for Narendra Modi

Mangaluru : Among the mammoth crowd that thronged Nehru Maidan on Saturday, 13 April to hear and have a glimpse of their favourite PM “Chowkidar” Narendra Modi, was a hardcore fan of Modi from Surathkal employed in Australia, but had quit his job few days ago in order tobe at the Modi Election campaign rally, and also to caste his vote in favour of Modi in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections on 18 April 2019, whose main intention is to have his favourite leader back as PM of India one more time.

This man is 41 year old MBA graduate, Sudhindraa Hebbaar, who recently quit his job as a Screening Officer at the Sydney International Airport- Australia, and since he had got hired just one-and-a-half years ago, couldn’t get extra leave days because of the holiday rush, with Easter and Ramzan coming up- so he had to quit his job in order to caste his vote for Modi. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Hebbaar said, “My leave was approved from 5 April to 12 April, but since I was not able to extend my leave days as the Sydney Airport experiences huge holiday rush due to Easter and Ramzan, and with no other option I decided to quit the job, since I wanted to vote for Modi very badly”.

“Married to a Fiji-Australian, I got the status of Permanent Resident Card Holder in Australia, and prior to my job at the Airport I had worked at Sydney Trains. I have come in contact with people from all over the world, including Europeans and Pakistanis, and I am proud to say that every time I meet these foreigners they have high praise for India, who say that India has a bright future ahead. I attribute this success and changing image of India to our beloved PM Narendra Modi. Obviously, I cannot go to the border to protect my motherland-India, but the least I can do is exercise my voting rights and caste my vote in the Lok Sabha elections” added Sudhindraa.

” On April 17, 2014 I immigrated to Australia on that day when Karnataka went to the Lok Sabha polls in a single phase. But I was so determined to vote, I went to the polling booth in Hosabettu at around 7 am on that day to caste my vote, before I took the took a bus journey to Bengaluru, and from there I flew to Sydney that night. But I feel so happy that my vote counted, and Narendra Modi became the PM. So once again I was determined to come down to India and vote for Modi again, so that he will be the PM once again. Now that I have quit my job, I will be here in Surathkal till the elections results are out on 23 May 2019, and only after that I will fly back to Sydney, and look for a new job. And I am very much confident that finding another job
shouldn’t be a issue ” added Hebbaar.

And finally, a message from this 41-year-old Modi fan to the Indian people is simple: Vote for Modi and his BJP party in 2019 to ensure India’s continuing development and socio-economic betterment of India. NAMO again!”

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  1. This is quite suspect. Voting is only for Indian Citizens. He must be working as a porter at the airport which is a contract job. He is reeling that he is a screening officer. All lies like his political boss.

  2. I agree with Dhaval Kumar he is probably a porter or a loader. Besides soon after elections he went away to Wherever Timbuktu and would have never seen the ground reality. He should have stayed back so he could have a glimpse of the Achche Din too. ???

  3. NRI with permanent resident status in Australia is eligible to vote.
    So what is the problem if he chose to come down and vote?
    How does it make him a porter as Dhaval is saying?
    There is a limit for implying insults at others.
    Wait till 23rd May when you will realise that your jokers of kai kangress would have got less than 44.

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