Hark! The Herald ‘Blue Angels Choir’ Sing…in their New YouTube Carols Medley

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Hark! The Herald ‘Blue Angels Choir’ Sing…in their New YouTube Carols Medley

Mangaluru: “Hark! the herald “Blue Angels Choir” sing, Glory to the new-born King, Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled, Joyful, all ye nations, rise, Join the triumph of the skies, With angelic host proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem……that’s right! Blue Angels Choir (BAC) – one of the City’s most beloved choir group of music fanatics is here right in time during Christmas season with a Christmas Carols medley to cheer you up and spread the message of Christmas.Blue Angels choir Christmas carols Medley on YouTube is a Multi-language medley which consists of six languages namely- Konkani, English, Kannada, Hindi, Latin and French. And that makes BAC the first ever group of Mangaluru to come up with this concept. Mangalorean.com feels proud to be the official Media Partner of this venture.

The First time I met this group was last year on 9 June 2016 while attending a funeral service at Rosario Cemetery Chapel, and I was so much touched and impressed by the hymns sung by members of Blue Angels Choir, that I met and interacted with the choir members, and complimented them for their soothing and inspirational music- and went little further in doing a article on BAC (Ref: http://www.mangalorean.com/blue-angels-choir-where-melody-meets-divinity/) .Truly, BAC do touch the hearts of the people through their rendition of music, where their Melody meets Divinity! The members of BAC are not extraordinary musicians or singers, instead just normal people who love choir music, and who also together praise the Lord through their songs and music.

Listening to choir is not like listening to a band/beat group-choir music is very soothing and relaxing. It is said that When the choir group sings, their musical vibrations move through them, altering their physical and emotional landscape. Choir Group singing, for those who have done it, is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. It takes something incredibly intimate, a sound that begins inside you, shares it with a roomful of people and it comes back as something even more thrilling: harmony. So it’s not surprising that Choir group singing is on the rise, worldwide, including India. And when you listen to choir music it not only soothes you, it also brings you closer to God. These eight members of Blue Angels Choir with their spiritual and inspirational music will surely bring the listeners close to God- and I know they will by the way they render their music. And this Christmas they will surely bring cheers and joy through their medley of Christmas carols put together on YouTube video.

Out of curiosity I asked the group leader of BAC, Denzil Pereira, what was the story Behind Christmas Carols Medley, for which he replied saying, ” There’s a story behind this concept-a year ago our team had participated in the Christmas carols competition organized by CSI Church at KTC, Balmatta, Mangaluru. There we had seen lots of CSI groups singing in four voices whereas most of the Roman catholic Churches sing in three voices and there were two groups which had presented Acapella (singing without the instruments) and this was very new to us, which inspired us a lot. Few weeks later there was one more competition in Shirva which was organized by Don Bosco Youth Center, where we executed our plans. The same medley which is released now was presented there. The judges for the competition were M Dolvin Kolalgiri, Senet D’cunha and Royston Pinto. After the competition one of the judges suggested us to come up with the cover on YouTube. And year later with hard work and determination, here we are with video release on YouTube!”

The concept and the vocal arrangement for this project is done by Tenor singer Denzil Pereira, the team leader of BAC, while other members of the group namely Derick D’souza, Neel Coelho, Hansel Rego, Kajal Moras, Disha Moras, Anisha Dsouza are soprano singers. Joshil Saldhana is the alto singer. The audio was recorded at CAD Studio, Mangaluru by Shinoy V Joseph. Rhythms and Music produced, mixed and mastered by Darrel Mascarenhas -USA. The location for the video shoot was provided by.Arjun Moraes, and the video was filmed by Noel D’souza and Santhosh Raj. Editing and grading was done by Noel D’souza. Nihar Sylvester had also helped the group during the video shoot. Mangalorean.com is one of the official Media partner.

About Blue Angels Choir:

Blue Angels Choir came into existence on January 1st 2014. Initially it was called as PADUA BLUE ANGELS as most of the singers in the group were from Padua Institutions. The main intention to start this group was to sing in church for various occasions. Later on as years passed by the group started to give public performances. Rev. Fr. Michael Santhumayor was their mentor and Denzil Pereira was at the helm as the co-ordinator of the group

BAC has sung for more than 50 choirs, have given public performances, sung for various receptions and concerts, given TV and radio Programs. They have done eight musical experiments till date and it’s the first group to come up with Konkani Medley. Till now they have released two covers on YouTube, and the recent release of Christmas Carols medley on YouTube on Dec 10th is their third venture.

Meet the Team of Blue Angels Choir Members:

Denzil Jerome Pereira:

Denzil Jerome Pereira hails from Neermarga, completed his M Com from Mangalore University Konaje. He is a keyboardist and tenor Vocalist as well as the coordinator of BAC.He plays for many other choirs in Mangaluru. He has appeared in many programs and and also on TV shows. The concept of Christmas Carols medley was designed by himself.

Joshil Melita Saldanha:

Joshil Melita Saldanha is an Alto singer for BAC.She is currently pursuing her Final year Engineering in Electronics and communication, NMAMIT, Nitte. She belongs to Derebail parish.Her Hobbies are Singing, dancing, and painting.

Hansel Adrian Rego:

Hansel Adrian Rego is a vocalist cum Bass singer for BAC.He is currently pursuing Mcom (HRD) in Mangalore University (Konaje).His hobbies are singing, playing musical instruments (piano, melodica, Guitar), and Gardening.

Disha Moras:

Disha Moras is from Anjelore Parish, and is currently pursuing her BSc in physical science at St.Aloysius College Mangaluru. Singing is her foremost interest, and she also likes poetry! She is also the lead vocalist of this group!!

Derick Daniel D’souza:

Derick Daniel D’souza has completed his M.com at Mangalore University. Currently, he is working as Relationship officer of Marketing dept in Axis Securities Ltd. He is a Guitarist and lead Vocalist for BAC. He has participated in many competitions, Performed in Television channels, like Divine Word and also on 92.7 Big FM Radio and Manipal Community FM station.!!

Kajal Divya Moras:

Kajal Divya Moras hails from Angelore Parish, is currently pursuing her 2nd year Mcom in Mangalore University Konaje. She has interest in singing as well as dance! and she is also the lead vocalist of this choir group..!

Neel Avinash Coelho:

Neel Avinash Coelho has completed his graduation from Padua College of Commerce and Management. He is currently working in Amaryllis Health Care as a sales executive. He has acquired many trophies and certificates in various cultural Events … “I am proud to tell that I am a lead vocalist for “Blue Angel’s choir ”- the choir which indeed helped me to praise the glory of GOD to people in a melodious way…”-says Neel.

Anisha Alphonsa D’souza:

Anisha Alphonsa D’souza is pursing her graduation in Milagres college.Her hobbies are singing, dancing and reading books.“I am glad to tell that I am a part of ‘Blue Angels Choir’ -a group which praises the glory of God in melodious way from past two and a half years” adds Anisha…She joined this group as a vocalist and alto singer.She has participated in inter college and inter Parish singing competitions and won a few prizes in them.

While concluding this column, I am not gonna lie here, having a conversation with the choir members, I don’t think I can even find a word that can justly describe just how talented this group is. They’ve have taken part in various competitions, won quite a few laurels/awards…and most of all, won the hearts of music buffs at churches, festivals and so on.

Not only pleasing their listeners and getting compliments from their fans, the group has also won quite a few awards to their credit, to name a few- Runners Up of Rhythm Twilight a Christmas Carol Singing Competition Organized By Meridian College in December 2014; Runners-up of Bosco Carols Eve- a Carol singing competition organized by Don Bosco Youth Center Udupi in December 2015.; Participated in ‘Fun Fiesta’ a Christmas carol singing completion organized by Nach Sobhann in December 2013; and many more-and also given TV programs on local TV channels during Christmas season. Best of luck to Blue Angels Choir from Team Mangalorean.

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