Harold D’Souza invited as Special Guest Speaker at Denver, USA

Harold D’Souza invited as Special Guest Speaker at Denver, USA

Colorado, USA: Incredible Survivor-Advocate, Harold D’Souza was invited as a Special Guest Speaker by the Restoration Project International (RPI), at Denver, Colorado. The Sustainable Restoration Conference organized on July 11th, by RPI was focused on, Frontline facts about Human Trafficking: From Myths and Assumptions to Sustainable Restoration.

Caring Edith Okupa, Founder/Executive Director of RPI said; “Restoration Project International, a nonprofit organization located in Colorado, USA, that fights modern day slavery and exploitation, held a one-day conference featuring experts, professionals and stakeholders- frontlines in the human trafficking movement. The highlight of the day was the riveting and compelling story of labor trafficking by this awesome man, Harold D’Souza. Harold’s story captivated the audience so much that you couldn’t hear the sound of a pin dropped on the ground! His story moved the audience: some to tears, others to anger, while yet others who continually shook their heads in disbelief that labor trafficking could actually happen in the USA. They were more appalled by the fact that this happened to a well-educated adult man, his wife and two children. Thank you so much for the eye-opener Harold, we learned a lot about labor trafficking than we thought we knew!!”.

The State Department once said “collaboration with the community is the most effective approach for preventing trafficking and protecting young girls. Creating and communicating clear message, engaging community support and leadership, sharing information and organizing massive campaigns to change attitudes, and timely response will have huge impact on this fight”.

“This man’s story is a true American story. Despite being mistreated and trafficked for labor (Harold and his family) he is a healer and he shares his story to help others heal. Seeing your beautiful family doing so well and overcoming all that has tried to come against you…..what a beautiful love story!” reflected Pepper Joy Greggs, Owner and Founder at International Coalition for Sex Workers Rights and Anti-Trafficking.

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking in the United States of America, please call 1-888-373-7888, text 233733, Colorado’s Human Trafficking Hotline (CoNEHT) at 1-866-455-5075.

Restoration Project International seeks to end human trafficking through education, empowerment, and sustainable restoration.

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