The Most Hazardous Sinking Manhole at Kadri Fixed- FINALLY?

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The Most Hazardous Sinking Manhole at Kadri Fixed- FINALLY?

Mangaluru: After months and months; after few two-wheelers had toppled and riders injured; after reports published in print and electronic media; after constant complaints from the motorists to the concerned authorities- Finally the “Mother of all Sinking Manholes’ located near Jimmys’ Supermarket- Kadri in the City has been fixed- and thanks to the person or persons who took the action to repair it. This raises the question- if it takes so long to fix one dilapidated manhole, how long would it take to fix a bunch of other sinking manholes in the City which are posing danger to the motorists?

Is there a fix to car-jarring deep manhole covers? Why are manhole covers no longer level with the road surface? The roads are full of these cavernous holes caused by manholes being several inches or more below the road. The main reason is the overlaying of a new black top without placing an extension or raising the crown and lid to the new street level. This happens due to poor planning on the city or state when overlaying new streets. And none of the city officials cares about it until these manholes pose danger to motorists – then they decide to fix them. These repeatedly caved in manholes leave craters on the surface, creating an endless hassle for road users and residents alike. Many times our lovely authorities look for just temporary fixes rather than finding permanent solutions.


I being a vehicle owner like many of you know that feeling of driving or riding over those in ground manholes that have sunk well below the road surface. If PWD or our Mangaluru City Corporation would plan better when resurfacing our roads, maybe they could avoid these occurrences – but that’s not happening at all. Having sinking manholes right in the middle of the roads is kind of hazardous for motorists. Some of the manholes constructed a few years back are sinking than those which have been there during British time- so it’s poor planning and poor workmanship of the present contractors and labourers the older ones have put the new kid on the block to shame.

The mother of all these caved in/sunk/tilting of lids was one near to Jimmy’s Super market-Kadri which has resulted in many two-wheelers tipped over and the riders injured- and at last few days ago it has been repaired after locals placed some tree branches on it to alert the concerned officials. The problem is that the bad manholes remain for a long time since motorists/riders don’t complain, so our MCC honchos are least bothered about it. Why would they? The Mayor drives around in his official car, other MCC corporators/officials drive cars it’s the two-wheelers who suffer from these death traps?


According to a national daily newspaper, it was stated that during the years 2013-2016, nearly Rs 11.7 lakhs had been spent on repairing these manholes, but of no use. Taxpayers money has gone down the drain? Last year, nearly 181 manholes were reconstructed in 60 wards of MCC by spending Rs 8.7 lakhs. It’s the contractors who are minting money, who submit bills to MCC two or three times for a single manhole. MCC officials say that the placing lids and repair works of manholes have become a daily affair at the office. Oh well, then come out with a permanent solution to address and rectify this safety hazard issue.

Critics reveal that the poor quality basement is the reason for untimely damage of manholes. And these manholes are repaired over and over again, thereby contractors making all the profits. Some say the manholes get caved in when heavy vehicles pass on them, others say the foundation for manhole lids are weak as the cement mixture used is not according to the standard measure – so the edges break when heavy vehicles pass on them. And this leads to accidents, which unfortunately are not reported to the police nor MCC. No matter what, the repair work on his dangerous manholes need to done at the earliest since they are causing inconvenience to the public. What are the MCC officials waiting for – someone to die due to these manholes?

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  1. Just to inform you team there are many more but ever since MLA JR Lobo got a seat, Bendur has seen major beautification compared to other parts of the city. Am not ashamed to say this but fact is fact.

  2. Good reporting with fascinating details on money spent by city!! However, an important detail is missing. Why is local MLA totally missing in action? I saw him sitting next to Mayor talking about ‘smart city’!! So, don’t tell me that MCC has no connection to ruling party.

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