Bengaluru: Helmet must for pillion riders from Tuesday

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Bengaluru : Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy said on Friday that wearing helmets will be mandatory for pillion riders across the State from January 12 onwards.

Speaking to mediapersons here, Reddy said that the new rule will come into effect from Tuesday.


“People of all age groups must wear helmets,” he said.

Directions will be issued to the traffic police not to enforce the new rule strictly during the initial days so that people have some grace time to purchase helmets, the minister added.

“People might face problems due to non-availability of helmets. Some breathing time will be given to purchase helmets,” he said.

Pillion riders who violate the rule will have to pay a fine of Rs 100. If they break the rule for the second and third time, a fine of Rs 200 and Rs 300 will be imposed respectively. Driving licences of violators could be suspended if the rule is broken for the fourth time.

The minister added that the State government had to implement the rule calling to make helmets mandatory for pillion riders across the State because the Supreme Court committee on road safety had warned to initiate contempt proceedings if the rule was not enforced across Karnataka. The notification in this regard was issued on December 31, he said

Punching system
Plans are on to introduce a punching system to keep tabs on people who violate traffic rules. Under this system, driving licences of violators will be punched each time he/she breaks a rule.

Ramalinga Reddy hit out against the BJP for staging a protest against the government for introducing the helmet rule and rubbished charges that he had yielded to the lobby of helmet manufacturers.

The Supreme Court has directed all the states to make it mandatory for pillion riders to wear helmet.

It has got nothing to do with the State government, the minister added.

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