Henna designing is my hobby

""Name: Ashwitha Amulya D’Souza
Age: 12 Years
Place of Residence: Sharjah UAE
Standard: Grade 8
School:  Progressive Indian School Sharjah UAE
Name of Father: Norman D’Souza
Name of Mother: Hilda D’Souza


My name is Ashwitha and I am studying in Grade 8  at  Progressive Indian School Sharjah UAE.  My friends call me Ash and I have a very good friend whose name is Kyile.  We are both classmates and we share a lot of things together. It’s real good fun to have a friend like Kyile, because A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  A good friend is very difficult to find and if you have one then you should consider yourself lucky because  friendship is a priceless treasure.

During my summer holidays this time, I went down to India along with my parents and relatives and visited my hometown in Mangalore.  I like to do henna designing,  sketching, colouring,  watching TV  and dancing during my free time.  In henna designing I try to do my own designs and I have posted a few pictures for you all to see.  I am proud of these hobbies and would like to pursue and improve upon as I grow up.