Hindu Political Leaders Should oppose anti-superstition Bill – HJS

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Hindu Political Leaders Should oppose anti-superstition Bill – HJS

Mangaluru: The members of Hindu Janajagrati Samiti staged a protest in front of the DC office here on July 9.

Addressing the protesters Kumar Malemar said that the new version of an anti-superstition Bill will ban 23 practices. According to the bill Hindus cannot chant Mantras or perform Satyanarayana Puja. Muslims use loudspeakers during prayer but the state government is not putting any pressure on them to stop it. The state government is bringing out anti-Hindu policies.

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There are a number of Hindu leaders who are in politics, be it in Congress, BJP or any other party, they are not raising their voice against this bill. Even while we are protesting against the bill Hindus can come and join the protest and support us. But it is sad that the politicians belonging to our own community have maintained silence.

All the political leaders belonging to the Hindu community should raise their voice against the bill. If this bill will be proposed we will not be able to change it and in the coming days, the Hindu community will face problems.

He also recalled the suicide of an honest police officer DySP Ganapathi because of the harassment meted out to him by the former home minister. He demanded the arrest of all those responsible for Ganapathi’s suicide and hand over the case to the CBI.

Prabhakar Padiyar from the Hindu Janajagrathi Samiti said that under pressure from anti-Hindus, the state government has drafted a bill. The bill was drafted without any discussions with Hindu religious heads nor any experts having religious Knowledge. The bill is a pre-plan of the state government to ban all Hindu festivals, celebrations and customs. There are laws to protect the animals. The bill has not clearly stated what is superstitious and what is not, which is confusing for the people as well as the police to take action. He demanded that before implementing the bill, the state government should call a meeting with all the religious heads and take their opinion.

Later a memorandum was submitted to the DC by the protesters.

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  1. I don’t blame this group. As I pointed out yesterday, the bill should be renamed as ‘Anti-Sanaathana’ Bill as it only focuses on sanaathana groups. Besides, the idea of anti-superstition bill is an oxymoron in a society where every street seems to have houses of worship and every house has photos of imaginary god. We ignore the 300 pound gorilla, that is, ‘concept of god’, and focus on a few silly things like ‘made snaana’ !! This is nothing but ‘vote bank’ politics!!

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