Hindu Population Decreased in India with Conversions by Christians – T V Mohandas Pai

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Hindu Population Decreased in India with Conversions by Christians – T V Mohandas Pai

Udupi: “By converting the Hindu’s to Christianity today the Christian population has increased to 8 crores in India. During Independence, the population of Hindus was 85 percent in India and today it is down to 77 percent”, said T V Mohandas Pai Director of Manipal Global Education Bengaluru.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Dharma Sansad office at the Royal Garden Udupi here on Tuesday, November 21.

T V Mohandas Pai further said, “Hindus were lured with money and forcefully converted to Christianity through coercion. For converting Hindus, Christians were getting funds in crores from America and other Christian countries. There is no doubt that large-scale conversions have been taking place across India, accelerating over the last many years led by evangelical groups from the West. Most conversions happen amongst the tribal’s and rural and urban poor, who are soft targets for inducements. If any Hindu leader raises his voice against the conversion he will be targeted. Hindus should consolidate themselves as a singular vote bank if they are to secure equal opportunity, enjoy equal rights and attain equal justice”.

Sri Vishwa Prasanna Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math graced the occasion.

VHU national secretary Rajendra Pankaj, Regional secretary Gopal, VHP leaders M B Puranik, Vilas Nayak, TMP Shenoy and others were present.

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  1. Mr Mohandas Pai can do lot many good works instead of stooping to low level and blaming that too against the minority community

  2. Mr.Pai talks about both money as well as force as the tools used for conversion in this article. Looks like he is conflating different issues spanning several centuries. I don’t recall any of my near ancestors ever talk about the western money used to lure our family into Christianity. They were not rich. Forceful conversions that took place in Goa was during the Portuguese rule a few centuries ago but Mr.Pai is talking about post-independence demographic stats. It’s not that I take pointless pride in having been born into a Christian family, because just like the other religions it’s also a basket case. So Mr.Pai should avoid getting into such silly matters.

    He is an educated man, he should uphold the dignity of his office. Personally he has achieved quite a lot in his life and I am proud of it. But this is irresponsible talking. Rise above these divisive politics.

  3. Uncle Pai,
    Being the Head of the Manipal Pai group….how come you have not done your homework before you made your comments..have you seen the latest census as per religion ????

  4. All human beings believe that there is just one Creator.
    who is our maker, provider, healer, and our care taker,
    and that is God. No one has ever seen God. God is
    not a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Sikh

    All other beliefs are termed as Faith and all rules, norms,
    and regulations are termed as Religion or Religious activities
    or Festivals.

    Each Faith has it’s own Religion, Customs, Traditions,
    and Festivals – Diversity has it’s own reason and charm.
    All Indians join in the celebration of Diwali – irrespective
    of it’s beliefs! Hindus come home to home for funds
    collection to host Ganpathi mandaps and festivals! No
    body has an objection to this and almost everyone
    pools in, irrespective of their Faith.

    Nobody objects anybody to paganism, or reverence to
    diety, saints, or statues.

    Nobody can force anybody to a certain Faith – it’s one
    own conviction that draws one nearer to other Faiths.

    Yes, Christianity is a Faith that takes care of all human
    beings by giving education, health, shelter, food, and
    rehabilitation to all – Check out all the Christian Institutions
    be it Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Orphanges, Homes for
    the Aged, – most are non-Christians.

    Evolution takes place not only in life but also in truth and
    beliefs – so it is incorrect of one to state that because Hindu
    faith statistics shown a slight decrease Christianity has forced
    conversion upon them – there are other parameters too –
    inter-faith marriages, non-practice-unfaithfuls.

    Faith should not be a case for discussion or statistics – No
    one is born a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or a Sikh – we are
    all a creation of one God – Man’s conviction and beliefs took
    to Faith and Religion. A person is no less without any Faith
    or Religion.

    Some people in India have nothing better to speak on and
    only bring about distaste and disharmony in their beliefs
    and opinion. Nobody is an authority over any Indian or any
    Indian belief or Faith. God is God above all and nobody is
    above God,

  5. Pai Maam,

    In 1951 when the first post Indian independence census took place the Christian population in India was 2.3%. 70 years later (today) it is slightly less at 2.2%. The Christian population has gone down by .01%. If conversions took place then the percentage of Christians should have increased and not decreased?

    Since you are aware of the source of “crores of funds coming from Christian countries” I hope you inform the concerned authorities so that they could put a stop to it. Just to set the records straight – There are no “Christian Countries” per say, however almost all countries in the world has Christians, and in many countries Christians are in a majority..

  6. Any how a rare opportunity got Mr Pai keep it up next time you may not get the stage if you don’t deliver such speech

  7. Mr Pai…Creator has blessed every normal human being with brains …As you have mentioned nobody is held at the gun point for conversion.If an hindu brother or sister does not get any support from their own religion it is obvious that they have got support from the christian brothers /sisters and willingly agreed to convert themselves.

    I remember a pure brahmin fly in my neighbourhood had converted to Christanity because their ailing daughter was cured by prayers and novenas .So do you call this force conversion.Nobody approached them to convert.

    We are in a democratic country and every human has the right to follow what he or she wants.

    Having said that being a head of the group you should have 1st done a study before passing any remark on christians.

    Do all hindu kids get enrolled in hindu schools?
    why do hindus send their children to christian schools ?

    1.Education in christian institution.
    2.Medical help from christian run hospitals.

    Blame Christians for no reason.

    Appreciate if you could get your facts corrected before passing any statement.

  8. You deserve a Rajya Sabha Nomination or a candidature for Parliament elections. Karnataka is too small. All the best!.You have groomed well . This is the final stretch in the race

  9. He completed his B.Com. from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore and went on to become a Chartered Accountant from the base he got here….

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