Hobby Cyclist Saves Man about to End Life at Maravoor Bridge

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Mangaluru: The gentleman, hailing from a well-known business house, is a hobby cyclist and a keen fitness enthusiast.

It is his routine to pedal his way past Karnataka PolyTechnic towards Kulur and back every day. However, on Tuesday morning, he was destined to something noble as well. He got to help a poor soul while having gone to do good to his own physical self.


All of a sudden, for no known reason, he thought of taking a different route and started cycling towards the airport. When he reached the Maravoor bridge past Marakada, he spotted a man sitting on the parapet of the bridge with an aim to cross over and jump into the river.

He had to stop cycling and rescue him. He ran towards him and persuaded him to get back. But the suicide-bound man went on saying that he had to die. The cyclist counselled him. The man revealed that he hailed from Bijapur and had serious domestic issues.

He also said he had neither a job to support himself nor food for daily sustenance.The cyclist pacified him and convinced him that suicide was not an answer to such problems and gave him water to drink. He fell at his feet and called him a saviour.

The cyclist then led him to the bus stand so that he could take a bus home. Before leaving he gave the saviour a firm promise that he would not do such a rash act again.

The do-gooder videographed the entire narration which could be a good moral for others. The clipping has gone viral, but he has requested that his name be kept a secret, although it is known to many of his friends who circulated the clipping.

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