‘Homecoming Day 2016’ Refreshes Memories of Roshni Alumni

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‘Homecoming Day 2016’ Refreshes Memories of Roshni Alumni

Mangaluru: The Roshni Alumni Association School of Social Work organized “Homecoming Day 2016”, at the college auditorium Roshni Nilaya here on August 13.

The programme began with an invocation. The president of Roshni Alumni Association Steevan Pinto welcomed the gathering. Secretary of the association Usha Rani read out the annual report. Treasurer of the association Sr Evelyn Bennis read out the accounts statement for the year 2015-16.



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Member of the association Anand D’Silva speaking on the occasion said, “It is very nostalgic to come back to the college campus. We did not realize when we were the students that, sometimes we do mistakes and while the lecturers correct us we feel bad. What is special about Roshni is the faculty since they are very much connected with students. Students from various backgrounds come to pursue their education here, but all are treated equally and they feel one. When the students complete their studies they all are totally complete and they are molded as disciplined men and women”.

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Anand further said, “Roshni is a powerful brand and when we were in the college we did not realize it. But now wherever you go, Roshni students have been recognized in every field. They have created a brand with their own working style”.

The chief guest of the day Ashok Shenoy speaking on the occasion said, “After 26 years I am coming here to the campus. There is an emotional connectivity. After 26 years, I have got an opportunity to be here as a chief guest. I am very happy to be a part of the Homecoming”.

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He further briefed on the importance of networking. He said that in today’s world, networking plays a vital role. Social networking has its disadvantages and advantages. Critical role of the social network will affect our day-to-day life. The social and virtual life have blurred. When we work for companies virtual networking is important. Nowadays we depend on google baba. We need to connect and search, this enhances our knowledge. In the past 10 years, Social networking has evolved transforming people’s life and the way industries operate. Earlier we used to say facebook is used only to play video games. Today more than 800 million users worldwide use facebook, 200 million are on twitter, 100 million users are active on Linkedin.

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He thanked the association for giving him an opportunity to be part of the Homecoming 2016.

Founder principal Olinda Pereira and Philomena Serrao celebrated their birthday’s on the occasion.


National award winner, artist Shabari mesmerized the crowd with her spot art. There was a cultural programme performed by the old and the present students. All the members enjoyed the homecoming 2016 refreshing their memories.

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  1. Enjoyed meeting old friends and colleagues. Especially meeting prof. Dsouza and prof seravo. Tomorrow prof seravo birth day. You can wish her. It is her 75th birth day.

  2. Very well written, Thank you Astel, I was out of the country and couldn’t attend but this article made me feel I was there too.
    Roshni…. can’t wait to visit you my lovely college. To all of you my classmates who made it, well done.

  3. Visiting Roshni Nilaya is always a “home coming” feeling for me because it reminds me as if I am visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sreshta at their majestic mansion during my school days more than sixty years ago. The Royal mansion has now been turned into an Institute where hundreds of young students benefit each year with their Degrees in Social Sciences and related disciplines. I am also told that Roshni Nilaya also has a Degree program in Criminal Justice. Our grateful thanks we owe to Dr. Olinda Pereira (whom we are seeing for the first time in a black saree in the appearance of late Vijayalakshmi Pundit – Nehru’s sister). Our Sr. Joan would have been happy to see Dr. Olinda in this new attire. Along with Dr. Olinda Pereira we are also proud to see Sr. Jacinta and also Sr. Sophie whose invaluable services to Roshni Nilaya keep this dynamic Institute ever so vibrant with some of the bright students who will turn out to be distinguished leaders of the future. We are always proud to inform our American friends that our home in Mangalore is in the close vicinity of a famous MSW Institute and Fatima Retreat House, which address is more than enough to identify ourselves in Mangalore.l Thank you, Roshni Nilaya for your “Home Coming” celebrations. Keep up the good work. We always look forward to visiting with you as and when we come to Mangalore.

  4. Friends this is really wonderful job that you performed. God bless you for what you are.

  5. It was a joy to me to meet u all..!!! I am overwhelmed and indeed with the presence of my juniors and seniors along with the college faculty. More than 200+ alumni meeting at college auditorium was a aha moment for all of us. Keep going on…..!!!! I deeply appreciate and convey my heartly thanks to dear Astel and team mangalorean.com for being instrumental in telling the world what has happened in Roshni nilaya on August 13, 2016.

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