House Owners Affected by Sea-Erosion to Get Rs 1 Lakh Compensation and Monthly Rent – Minister Khader


House Owners Affected by Sea-Erosion to Get Rs 1 Lakh Compensation and Monthly Rent – Minister Khader

Mangaluru: “On June 18, Revenue Minister RV Deshpande will visit the Dakshina Kannada district in order to hold review meetings about the issues pertaining to UPR and Property Cards. He will visit Udupi in the morning and Mangaluru in the afternoon. Along with reviewing these issues, he will discuss other problems such as land levelling etc. We have already submitted a report on all these issues to the state government. That is why he is coming here to discuss some of these issues here. The people who have lost their houses due to sea erosion will be compensated. As soon as the rain stops, the relocation of the houses will also begin” said Minister for Housing and Urban Development UT Khader in a press meet held at Circuit House, Kadri here, on June 15.

Addressing the mediapersons Khader said, “We have seen similar cases of sea-erosion affecting homes in places like Kochi and Orissa. However, we are the only state that has brought forth such a scheme in order to help those people that have been affected by this phenomenon. Other states such as Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat must learn from us. We will be giving one lakh rupee compensation and we will construct a double bedroom house for them along with a monthly rent of 10,000 rupees for them to stay at a rented house while their new house is being constructed. When BJP was in charge of the government, they used to make these people live in a temporary shed. However, we were pained to see their state at that time and therefore, we have introduced this scheme.’

Khader further said, “The Rajiv Gandhi University is one of the best universities in Asia for medical science and para-medical courses. In this region, there are several medical colleges that are affiliated with that university. The students studying in these colleges have to go all the way to Bengaluru for any office-related work. That is why we have planned to set up a Rajiv Gandhi University Zonal Office here in Mangaluru city. There are also plans to construct a sports complex. This will prove highly beneficial to the students as well as the directors who run these institutions. In a move to make the state more environmentally friendly, the state government is making special provisions for electric cars and electric scooters. Under the Urban Development department, we will be making plans for electric car parking as well as charging points for such vehicles along roads and highways.”

APMC leader Muthakka, Sadashiv Ullal, and others were also present. இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: சனி, 15 ஜூன், 2019