A house plays important character in ‘Kalam’: Lakshmi Priyaa

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Chennai, April 27 (IANS) Actress Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli says nearly 80 percent of forthcoming Tamil horror-drama “Kalam”, which releases in cinemas on Friday, unfolds inside a house which plays a pivotal character in the film.

“Almost 80 percent of the film takes place in the house which plays a very important character. It’s one of the most beautiful houses I’ve come across in the city. It’s a very ancient house and each room has about 10 doors. There’s no story without the house,” Lakshmi told IANS.


Directed by Robert Raaj, the film also stars Srinivas, Amzath and Madhu Sudhan.

“Kalam” will be a logical horror film, says Lakshmi.

“Unlike the recent horror comedies, our film is not intended to be funny. It has the usual share of thrills but everything you see will be logical and sensible,” she said.

Although the experience working with a new team was encouraging, Lakshmi found night shoots exhausting.

“We were working on a tight budget, and hence, were working on double call sheets. Most of the night shoots will continue to the next day and we’d hardly have any time to sleep. It was really exhausting but the stress never came in the way of our work, thanks to the very committed team,” she said.

Talking about her eerie experiences on the sets, she revealed: “Most of the interiors of the house was made of wood. So every time we’d walk around at nights, the wood would creak and the sound would send chills down our spines.”

Lakshmi currently has independent projects such as “Revelations” and “Iglu”, besides a few Tamil and Malayalam projects in her kitty.

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